Hicksford Farms Oklahoma – Commercial Medical Cannabis Grow Facility – Harvesting the Optic 8 Room

This is an educational documentary about legal Medical Cannabis production in the state of Oklahoma. Hicksford farms is legally licensed as a commercial …


  1. One of the original NOCAL movement Growers wants to expand into Oklahoma with one of the best operations but needs investors

  2. Hahahaha….I just left here. Stopped here and got my wife her medicine. Its so nice. And its because of this video that I found this place…just 20 miles from home. Wifey is sleepin like a baby, and her neck isnt hurting one bit. Thank you so much.

  3. My boss has 3 despensaries in Oklahoma, Grove Jay Tulsa and muscogee. I am am going to introduce him to the optic 8s so if you could give me some key info about the light I may not know I can hit him with it next week. Those plants are lucky to have such a sweet amount of light in the a.c indoors. Haha.

  4. Nice room and yur rite ok just got passed for med but there is alot of people who got the scills to produce high quality meds trust that!

  5. Very nice setup I love the optic 8 light it puts out not purple looking looks like natural sun light

  6. I'm headed to Oklahoma Sunday to build some divider walls in a new huge grow operation. Excited to see something like this in person!

  7. I build metal buildings for a living that old school insulation with fiberglass exposed and all those fans is no not a good mix I would suggest close cell spray insulation to avoid contamination. That itch(insulation) is rolled on itself getting fiberglass all over it. I can see pieces of yellowish/brown fiberglass stuck to the white plastic backing of the roof insulation. And cut ends crammed up by where the roof meets the wall. Not trying to be a know it all I just hate that kind of insulation it's bad on the skin and really bad for you to breathe in little fiberglass particles from the fans blowing around your product and employees.

  8. This is awesome man, I’m here in OKC as well! I’d love to know what dispensary’s stock their product so I can purchase some 🙂

  9. Another 👍 they were nice to let you record in there I would not let people into a grow space like that. They could bring in gnats or mites that would really suck. Those lights are doing a super job.

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