1. I have a standard vape pen, the £5 range very cheap vape pen, can i use cbd liquid in it or should i buy a better vape to smoke it

  2. AWESOME REVIEW got myself the 75 mg. extreme anxiety over here. im gonna get a higher dosage i hope it helps.

  3. I have to give a speech at work everyday and I have really bad speech anxiety. I’m 5’9” 250lbs what dosage should I get?

  4. I just bought 60ml 1000mg Hemp bombs exotic watermelon kush. The price was 99.99 but used the VAPING360 coupon/discount code and was charged 79.99. Can't wait for it to deliver. Thanks for the review.

  5. ive used cbd juice once before but it made the whole fucking house smell like cookies or whatever the flavor was, does this flavor have a strong scent, I want to be able to use it somewhat heavily without making my house smell like that shit for the rest of the day

  6. Ay dawg let me give you this advice don't press the button before you put it up to your mouth it makes you cough more

  7. I have an important question. Hopefully you can help me. Where can I find a 3:1 ratio CBD x THC (E Juice) for vaping ?

  8. Bro lowkey i preciate ya for being cool like im finna buy sum for my hb and i was tryna see if they was legit and yu came thru homeboy

  9. I just got some and I have the same vaporizer…I'm using it to help relax and sleep faster after OTR driving..since I can't smoke the real thing haha…it seems to work OK..not too strong so I'm gonna look into the CBD oil next.

  10. Hey Man one quest.. I got a vapor storm device the big one with 2 batteries, it has a temp. selector.. n i see the e liquid brown coloured after vaping. Is it normal?

  11. Yo i hot the same vape pen. Does the hemp bomb liquid leak? I used it with koi CBD and it would leak out the air holes at the bottom.

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