1. Tips to healthy breakfast eat 2-3 raw organic eggs I just drink em and then fry broccoli and spinach with grass fed butter helps me to feel great and recover from workout ps great for testosterone too.

  2. Thank you Dr. Sam, how many grams you think safe? 50g, 100g ❓ I love to add dried coconut, raisin, cinnamon and milk or yogurt with oat and it is really tasty.

  3. High Dr. Sam! Thanks again for an eye opener video! My wife has a 1 whole egg and 3 egg white omelette and 1 cup of steel cut oatmeal every morning for breakfast. She puts the oatmeal on the omelette to hide the taste of the egg yolk as she hates the yolks but knows the nutritional value of them. What would you recommend to her using on top of the omelette instead of oatmeal but better for her health and the timing of the day and similar in texture if there is such a food. Thank you!

  4. Doc, I eat oatmeal about everyday. What should i replace it with if i were to eliminate it from my eating routine?

  5. Dear Sam Robbins. I was prescribed a medication which causes gynecomastia because of high prolactin levels. I only took it three times because of the way it made me feel.

    Do you have any video on how to decrease prolactin or remove gynecomastia? This is very embarrassing for me. Apparently it also causes your testosterone to drop.

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