Growing Peppers from Sowing to Harvest

Whether you prefer sweet peppers or hot, there’s none more satisfying than those you’ve grown yourself. Now’s the time to get sowing! In this short video we’ll …


  1. I planted mine in a polytunnel with no knowledge and have plants 5ft high. There are peppers on them but it's August and I'm not sure if it will stay warm enough to get a good year will be much better I think. But hey..this season was my first year of growing anything since 1984-5.. So I'm happy.

  2. I just repotted my plants and I water them every day unless the soil is already wet. every day at least a few leaves will fall off my plant though. Any reason why and how to fix it?

  3. I started growing serranos this year in a large pot. I bought a very small plant and transferred it into the large pot I purchased and as of right now I have harvested 15 (I just now came back inside from picking 3 more and 3 more are growing). The one's I have eaten already are quite nice in the heat range but could be hotter. I also have 5 tomatoe plants that are growing and those are producing more than I could even imagine and they are pretty nice size in diameter but still green which is ok because I love fried green tomatoes as much as red ones once they're at their full potential in growth. This is my first year growing tomatoes as well and I didn't think to watch any video's, do any research or ask someone for advice so I'm quite pleased and proud of myself the way things are turning out since I haven't done this since I was a little boy over 40 year's ago when I'd help my granddaddy with his garden and that man had a HUGE variety of things he was growing and my great grandmother had an orchard of different trees of fruits literally a mile long and around 100 yards wide not to mention another area she had her watermelons and cantaloupes etc etc. Nice video and me doing this brings back so many great childhood memories I cherish so very much. Happy planting and harvesting to all and I wish you all the best of luck

  4. I have no luck with growing sweet peppers. My hot peppers grow like mad. Wish me luck 3rd year trying. 🙄

  5. I can group huge tomato plants, but pepper plants like to take their own sweet time growing big and I may only get a handful of peppers per plant. I like to put pepper plants in flower beds to give color and save space in the garden. I find that Thai, Poinsettia, and Cascabella give a nice color. I will have to see how Cubaneles do this year in addition to the plain bell variety.

  6. We've grown ours from seed harvested from shop bought organic peppers. Hot chilli really helps produce endorphins and reduces pain, there are even creams with it in, but I prefer not to waste the taste!

  7. The sweet peppers there are male and female peppers, as I've been told. (Male peppers have three bulges and the bottom of the plant and female peppers have four bulges) Do I need a male and female plant? I do not have too much luck growing them Any Help would be greatly appreciated

  8. Really enjoy your video's but …..the comment at the start…"now's the time to sow them"…..makes me reach for my crystal ball. Can you be sure to give a definitive time frame and tell us where in the world you are please. Other than that, great, as always.

  9. I started growing peppers last year started with sweet banna peppers and chili both grew great this year I have 2 bell pepper plants 2 banna pepper 2 chilli and a few other random hot/sweet peppers I mean peppers go well with almost any fish.

  10. Just potted my first chille seeds. An I right I’m thinking you shouldn’t put the pit in direct sunlight ? Or should I put the pot in my window which does have some sunlight throughout the day ?

  11. The opportunities are endless with growing peppers! Different levels of heat, flavor, shapes, they are great!

  12. I think my pepper seedling was too close to the window here in zone 7. It seems to have gotten a cool beeeze

  13. Has anyone every grown these from crushed chilli flakes?

    I'm currently experimenting with this but would appreciate if anyone has had any luck

  14. In the UK (south) with no added heat should I really be starting these this early? I can germinate with bag over on windowsill and move to unheated greeenhouse for light but it's still hitting below 1c over some nights. I plan cherry, bell and chillies in small quantities that will eventually end up in a polytunnel (if all works out right!). I was thinking to get a heated propagator for the windowsill in April and then move to unheated greenhouse.

  15. Soak the seeds for 24 hrs in cool weak tea , they should then germinate in a warm place or propagator in 4 to 6 days instead of the usual 2 to 3 weeks .

  16. We love Anaheim Chilis. They are great chopped in stir fries, stuffed (chili relleno), roasted and chopped fine with garlic, olive oil and sea salt and spread on baguette slices or with grilled beef.

  17. Last season I grew Ghost (Bhut Jolokia) Peppers and Carolina Reaper Peppers. They were really quite hot.

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