Giving CANNABIS PLANTS ALL Different DEFICIENCIES and TOXICITIES one by one… This Will Be Fun!

we’re going to dive deep into botany research on a new YouTube Channel! so if you want to follow me and learn some very detailed knowledge about dialing in …


  1. Yo wizard every years I have the same problem on some few plants… it seems like a mushroom is growing on the branches or the main stalk , like some dark dots that dried out the spot they are established on… then the sick part dies off.. my friend is using chemicals to fight It cuz he got this too, but I’m growing all organic and don’t won’t to put any of that chemicals on my girls , do you have a tip for this?? Tnx for all the amazing knowledge you are sharing with got the best growing channel imo tnx again ✌️

  2. Subscribed 👍🏻 I can’t tell you how incredible I think that idea is. As a new grower, I appreciate all the content you’ve already shared, but the amount of knowledge and understanding that’ll be available through this new page is wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to do what you do!

  3. I've got a Deficiency right now and don't really know what it is. Little tiny yellow spots all over the leaves and through out the hole plant. Thinking Cal-Mag deficiency but not sure. Much love and respect 👍✌😎

  4. I would like to see how to fix overwatering and at what point you can#t fix it because the roots are too damaged.

  5. I'm on my first grow and my leaves are yellowing I think it's iron deficiency but I don't know. What should I do?

  6. I stay away from synthetics , I’m all organic, pgr’s imo not good in any reasons when it comes to your own personal health. I think this is a good experiment for new growers to see results but the same clones should have been used to see a uniform comparison. There are some many possible deficiencies that you can’t show them all on just 4 plants. I’m not sure if this series will continue I’ve was interested in seeing the coco vs whatever videos but nothing came of it I guess…

  7. Hey Wiz, Loved the Vid, 👍I think every experiment should include a control subject, that being said perhaps you should feed one plant the regular regiment , while putting the others through deficiencies / toxicity . ⚗☮

  8. Wow I am impressed right now ! You are a serious grower . I would never expect anyone to do such w thing ! I am just about to start my 3rd grow . Let's learn because it's always the most common thing ! Thank you ever so much and all love from UK !

  9. Really looking forward to that man, you should try growing in various different mediums from hydro to soil to sand and anything else. Good luck!

  10. Awesome idea i will be watching!
    Some run Autoflowers with a light period of 24hrs start to finish, i wonder if you could do that with a Photoperiod on constant 24hrs light to see what happens?
    Cheers for the great channels boys

  11. Thank you for doing this like you said you were 👏🏻🙌🏻 Mad props. I was your 56’th subscriber on your new channel ✌🏻😎

  12. Id love to see the process of collodial silver on males or hermie plants to turn them to feminized,your a man after my own heart,you love what you do and research everything,thank you

  13. Looking forward to this because I have some deficiencies, I think they are anyways, I can’t figure out and it always happens 3rd week of flower and effects my yield

  14. Yes, lets get into the science and ratios, can you go into cloning and reverting to veg after flower?

  15. Awesome bro, looking forward to this journey with you. I'm just a wanna be right now, but o man, when i do, it's going to be a home run! Tyvm

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