1. what sites generally have the cheapest cbd bud, i find uncleherb is good for cheap but is constantly OOS. I like to buy 7-14g a time

  2. Hey man, been watching for a few weeks and thought i should comment. Your reviews are the gold standard, the best I’ve found on YouTube.
    I’m gonna be putting my first order in to hemphash next week, any strains they currently sell that you would recommend?

  3. Been smoking on CBD flower for a month or 2 now and loving it! Been off the weed for a while but I’ve been thinking about experimenting with 3/4 cbd and 1/4 thc joints for anxiety, sleeping etc. You ever tried mixed them?

  4. Enjoyed the video. Isn’t 200C too high to get the best terpene profiles out of the flower? It’s nice to see all these suppliers of CBD, isn’t it! I’m still loyal to Hemphash, as they seem to be on the top of their game. Thanks for making these videos!

  5. Gotta get yourself some Highland rolling papers! They use rice paper that burns very consistently! They also have roach books built into packet!
    Checked out H-Town just there. SUPER pricey for now a days standards!
    I got 3.5g of Pineapple Express, 1g of Cheese Pollen and 1g of Green Crack on HempHash for essentially the same price as 3.5g of H-Town Gelato 😮
    Saying that, I had a lovely chat with Mike from HH today, even got a little private video tour of their facility, with a puppy included!!! 😂
    Good review dude! I love that you are really honest when reviewing products, yet always look for the bright side! It may not be your cup of tea but you see why other people may like it!
    Also, Where did you get your bubbler from? 😛

  6. Excellent Vid 🙂 Would you say the triple flame lighter is better for the Dynavap, i have a single flame torch one but i not getting that vapour off it 😀

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