1. Well, I have never smoked weed. is now at my 40 years I wanna try it out, but, I, heard they are mixing it with a lot of stuff.

  2. These people destroy everything that is "at peace" and is tranquil with self and nature. If they don't get you at the hospital at birth they get you with the nano toxins. i.e. food, air, water supply. And we are literally programmed not think and see. They are reprogramming peoples DNA with these nano toxins (more permanant) and cellphone towers (they have grid system major cities) etc with mind control.

  3. Deez folks got no throttle!!! They target everything they can possibly think of to kill and control us…"Nanotech weed" just sound wicked 😣

  4. We should know that nothing they manipulate is good anyway, any and everything that is natural they touch will (F) you up! At the same time they win awards,leave the weed alone it naturally good you biologists are evil.

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