French macaron strain medical marijuana, getting ready to harvest her at 10 weeks!

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  1. I thought I read ‘Macron’ strain, I was like it must smell like old ladies perfume BUT it is the ‘French Macaroon’ strain, like the cookie? Haaaa

  2. Wizard. I am just about finished with my first ever grow. I'm looking forward to starting my next grow and documenting it on social media. My IG is Stickee_Bee_California. I signed up for a chance to test your nutrient line. I have plenty of nutes on hand but I will put them aside to use the test batch for my next run. Cool videos by the way. Thanks

  3. You should do a big tour of all the different strains you guys grow and if your allowed the shop as well. It would be so cool you guys grow the craziest awesome looking plants keep it up!

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