Flowering outdoor cannabis early – grow update

How to flower marijuana early – yield update. I am currently using harvest farm dry amendments and have been using Wallace Wow products for beneficial …


  1. you are right..one thing with organic nutrition …you have to make sure you give enough,,,I did the same as you but was not giving enough ..I only realized cause 4 of my plants were different sizes and the smallest was on schedule and the largest was way behind.

  2. Dig a deeper hole 🕳 and put your plants 🌱 pot into the 🕳 and then you are lowering your plants below 6 feet 🦶 easy peasy

  3. New sub!
    how do u get a outdoor plant to flower ? idk if mine is or not. it's not on a time schedule just left out side

  4. You are 100% correct I have done the side by side also…. With Durban Poison which claims to have a 12 to 14 week budding cycle…

  5. here in missouri we get frost in October. second week in August i start the flowering stage. cuz by mid October we can get frost. and we all know frost will fk a plant up. my dad grew back in the 70s in Santa Cruz Mountains. he showed me his hippie soil recipe. lol. now ofc iv added and taken tuff out over the years. u need bigger pots. and go all organic. just boost ur soil every year. but go to atleast 50 gallons. when u can ofc bro. not talking shit. ur plants look beautiful. ikno growing isnt cheap. specialy when ur just doing it for u. not to sale. i just want to know what im smoking and nothing is in it. cuz i grew it. thats all i want. im too old for the game. i want peaceful. why i moved to the country of missouri. thank u for showing ur grow bro

  6. Beautiful plants bro. Just wasn’t sure what you had for water where you are at. I have to use rain barrels connected to my gutter system.

  7. Question about water. I live in Massachusetts and the city water has chloramine in it vs. chlorine. Chloramine cannot be dissolved by air stones from my understandig

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