1. Govt can save many lives if they were interested in helping people with lots of issues that can be solved by medicinal use of the plant

  2. Thank you for educating us. I'm big fan of you. I made ayurvedic powder soap n amla oil few days ago. I'm following u since couple of years n ur only one i believe 100 % since you quotes ayurvedic texts with verses from ancient ayurvedic scripture.

    I have been confused about lobhan, i burn guggul with cow dung in home but my family member don't allow me to burn Lobhan they say it's muslim people's not our Hindus. Do you know is lobhan mentioned in our Ayurveda?

    If possible plz also make video on how ancient people used to make Sugandha ( ittar or essential oil ).
    Thank you so much for ur efforts…

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