Early mold on outdoor cannabis

Mold on one of the plants looks like possibly started where a shade leaf was removed and spore could get into exposed area. could have had a weak immune …


  1. i've lost 3 beautiful outdoor plants to mold, i had to get a semi cheap green house 150$$ bucks i probably lost 3 pounds of beautiful bud, heartbreaking. the 4 plants i'm hoping will finish. i have 2 chemdog that so far have been mold resistant looking good. next season its all going in the greenhouse, besides the mold i have a few caterpillars on the same plants!! damn sure learned my lesson. i'm in the Oregon weather too sept hit that was all she wrote. best of luck

  2. another thing that I did by accident was the first week of august i had 2 plants that didn't get water…the leaves went all limp,,,so far that I could see threw the plant. I then watered the crap out of it,,,in hours the leaves were back up. I'm telling you now that those 2 plants are ahead in budding then all my other plants by weeks. Just wondering….did i shock the plant to flower early.

  3. mold problem…low amount of 3 % hydrogen peroxide and water spray on the stalk start moving to fabric pots

  4. Regular hydrogenperoxide applied with a qtip 2-4 times daily for five days and once a day for a weekafter cured mine and i never lost a branch. I liveon thecentral Oregon coast

  5. Neem seed meal works good for mold on plants u can use it as a fertilizer in the soil or some people spray it with water bottle on the plant

  6. Bummer about the mold, dude, I get it every year too. I'm trying new strains all the time, and nothing seems to stand up to 75-85% rH. I have just ordered some new seed this year which is supposed to be very mold resistant- Pharaoh's Kush from Pioneer Valley. I met the guy on icmag.com while complaining about the mold. I guess it was bred on the coast of NorCal so it's used to the high humidity. I didn't have enough time to put them out this year as they are being sexed right now. If I find anything that works out next year, I'll keep you in mind. Good luck, man, all we can do is keep trying:)

  7. Tyler, are there different strains that are more mold resistant than others?

    Does the pot have any effects on the goats? Seems like you gave those billygoats enough for a good buzz!

    Appreciate what your doing!

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