Diesel 7-17-19 CBD for seizures

We introduced CBD for the fisrt time today as soon as he started a seizure. This video was taken about 1 minute after his seizure after the recommended dose of …


  1. Oh, this Should help. It can be the Only thing that helps some ppl. Seems to be doing much better than the other videos before using cbd. Hope it gives some relief and comfort for dog and parents.

  2. I'm so glad it works for him so far. I got a classmate who takes cbd for their siezures, and they've been able to have fun a lot more. (Their seizures were often triggered when they got too excited or worked up)

  3. Sending continuous prayers n positive vibes your way. I suffer from the same thing but watching a furbaby go through something like.. I was in tears watching Diesels seizure video broke my heart. I am on a medication that i know they now r using on dogs for pain etc. Your lil boy looks so sweet trying to comfort his dog. From my personal experience n what i seen w Diesel ypur muscles rly cramp up like a Charlie horse its painful you can try giving his legs n thighs rubs kinda loosen the muscle from the cramps. He's probably a lil dazed n confused after n i wo der if he's even tired. Seizures take alot outta ya. 💙🙏

  4. Hope he pulls through you all love him so much I don’t want him to hurt 😢 already seen the other two videos and people need to be more aware of this kind of stuff today

  5. I am praying for him it is heartbreaking to see a such beautiful dog suffer like this oh dear heaven I hope that you will keep Diesel safe take away his seizures jeasus name a man

  6. Praying for your sweet dog, and you guys! I hope healing and peace comes to him with those cbd drops! 💙

  7. I really hope he gets better, this truly is an owners nightmare, I do wish the best for you and your beautiful boy… ❤❤❤

  8. I’m so sorry 🙁 I hope it helps. I’m a vet tech and we do acupuncture for our seizure patients. I’ve seen it help, wishing you all the best of luck.

  9. Please keep us updated diesel I am so sorry this is happening to you I wish I could take it away and put it on myself stay strong fur baby

  10. Any update of Diesel? Just saw the 5 minute video on the recommended list a few days ago and it was heartbreaking to see Diesel suffer like that. I wish he recovers quickly.

  11. I pray it helps him. Such a handsome boy!! He is a fighter that's for sure. Baby boy you got this!!!!

  12. Praying for this boy!! Dear God Can you see it in your heart to remove the demons from this boy, Send those seizures back to the devil, Let this boy be healthy and happy. AMEN

  13. Hope is doing good! I keep Diesel in my prior poor baby the video of im having a seizure just melt my heart. Its deeply heartbreaking seeing your little man having that kind of disease .. I wish the CBD will help him a lot! Take care you are some fantastic owners!!

  14. Prayers going out to diesel tonight. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this as watching your best friend go through this is extremely hard for even people who are not in touch with their emotions

  15. Have you tried an all or almost all meat diet? Keto has been proved to help humans w epilepsy in studies conducted 100 yrs ago. Most neurological issues have also an autoimmune component, so managing the diet is crucial (leaky gut and it's connection w autoimmunity(autoimmune protocol))

  16. It was too heartbreaking to watch this I had to stop the video. I sincerely hope he gets better but if he continues to suffer this way…I know when I write this people will crusify me but my dog was suffering of another health issue & I let him go on because I loved him too much but at the end he kept suffering but I sincerely hope that your dog stops having seizures if not please let him go because it's not a life for him 2 continue to suffer this way. I pray he gets better he so beautiful he doesn't deserve to be ill. No one does, I'm so sad to see any dog or animal suffer it breaks my heart. Please get better sweet beautiful dog❣❣

  17. My boxer had epilepsy and his vet recommended turning off all the lights and noises making the environment as quiet as possible and covering him with a light breathable bed sheet when he had seizures it really helped calm him down so that they wouldn’t turn into grand mail seizures.

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