Dan Returns to Tell Tales of Scotland – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

Dan is back from his month-long trip to Scotland, and the guys talk about gun ranges and the hidden dangers of vaping. (Contains strong language.) About The …


  1. Dan tells stories from his trip to Scotland: 1:27
    Big Jay describes his first time at a gun range: 10:39
    Who knew vaping was dangerous?: 19:29
    On Smoke Break, Big Jay tries to make a flamethrower with his crappy lighter: 32:12

  2. This whole Vape news and is bs man the people are getting sick it's because of the black market legal THC Vapes they got pesticides and weird chemicals in their shit views made by Mexicans that's the shitt people don't buy illegal Vapes only buy stuff from your dispensary

  3. Since vaping started, there are idiots out there mixing dangerous chemicals into E juice along with improper amounts of nicotine. Now the same THC/CBD crap is happening. Water vapor is harmless. The other shit is poison.

  4. This video gave me flashbacks to that time I was gone for a while and when I returned my needy gf felt neglected and was passive aggressive for 38 minutes and 00 seconds

  5. The funniest part is when he said "millions of Americans enjoyed it" because we all know they aren't getting that many views lmao

  6. With all this Gillis controversy. U guys gotta bring him in as a third mic now. At least until all this absurdity blows over

  7. I knew a kid in HS who played Russian roulette with his gf with his dads gun. He shot her in the chest. She was ok and his dad was a lawyer so he didn’t do time. But man was it fucked up.

  8. I love Jay but not as much as he loves to over talk everyone. Come on B.J. give others a chance to speak. I know Dan has to get frustrated with him.

  9. No one has gotten sick or died from nic vaping. People are getting sick from contaminated thc cartridges with high amounts of vitamin e acetate in them

  10. We need Hard-Corey back to soft light the fire starters. Campers love the warm glow, not shiney, high contrast.

  11. Dammit!! It's not that hard to make
    a flamethrower😉😎😂😂 Crackle Crackle brothers and sisters

  12. Best Smoke Break so far! Shout out to the editor who did all those effects and found the song Dan was mumbling to himself. Fucking hilarious, so glad these have been getting longer and longer. You are back on track Comedy Central

  13. When you realize the amount of people from New York that don't know anything about guns… Holy shit… Love this show, but someone really needs to teach them more about guns.

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