Cold mornin effects on your plants!!

This is a walk through durring the early morning showing how your plants react when its in the low 20s. Followed by a later walk through after it has warmed up.


  1. now you told me a few weeks ago you do not top your plants.. id like to know how yah got them to grow like that bushy and branchy without topin the branches to make two branches out of one? CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT.. lol Satisfaction is what brought me back!!

  2. Enduring the freeze TWICE, but yet still bouncing back like nothin even happened! Too cool Pops… Appreciate you sharing! 🤟🤟

  3. Some Great Video Pops!! Thx so much for sharing!! I hope I get to have a "weight" issue with my Kolas!!! It's amazing how below freezing temps with your kick ass genetics and they just bounce back by noon! Giving Frosty a whole new sense of the word!!!

  4. Lookin fantastic, but it looks like you got a lot of trimming to do soon. I do not envy the work you boys have ahead of you .happy harvest

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