1. Thank You, learned so much from your videos ! Lost 25lbs. Start the Gym tomorrow, I’ll be checking your workout videos 😂

  2. His budget is not bad at all People. I live in Geneva, Switzerland, and I am one person who refuses to eat junk or garbage often, so I spend CHF 150 a week on food, on myself. I don't go clubbing or buy new useless throwaway clothes at every chance.

  3. TY!! You’re an awesome resource for this new venture ❤️ You explain well and have been the Best Help of All !!

  4. Why so many packaged goods, the most expensive way to shop? On a budget, head to the produce and meat section.. done.

  5. You are AWESOME thank you for teaching us clean foods. My family watched and the girls said, your hot lol.

  6. I'm here just for the sounds he makes every time he finds something he likes!

    Drinking game suggestion: have a shot every time he says "solid".

    Jokes aside, his videos are very "solid" (informative).

  7. welcome to reality.
    if you buy everything clean and 100% organic you basically gonna end up poor.

    there should be alot more guides like this on YT and the internet.

  8. Your body may produce high amounts of insulin, during a salt-restricted diet, to retain the amounts of salt and prevent them from leaving the body. Just a quick heads up.

  9. I was pretty taken aback by the reasoning to go with goat cheese. Some cheese activates opioid receptors? I mean if I'm going to be addicted to anything cheese doesn't sound too bad haha.

  10. Info on grass fed interesting but would suggest people go to butchers if they’re worried about meat. Supermarket never gives full information and butcher vastly superior and you don’t have to spend much more.

  11. Usually you can get bags in Aldi, but they are very resistant bags which you can use 100+ times……….better for environment. The quarter for the caddy will just make sure, that no caddies stand around and people bring them back.

  12. Sam's club and Costco have a lot of the same stuff so that would be nice. Any store works. It's all good information. Keep up the good work. Also I'm a truck driver. If you could make a video about helping truckers with groceries and health tips; that would be awesome. Nobody helps truckers with health and nutrition but without us the shelves would be bare.

  13. Maybe while you’re picking up items you could give us a few examples of how you would use it in a meal? Like when you said you’d use the bison for bolognese. That’d be helpful, cheers. Thank you for your videos and time.

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