Chrisley Knows Best | Nanny Faye Gives Miley Cannabis Oil | Funny Moments | S7 Ep13 | on USA Network

In Season 7, Episode 13 of Chrisley Knows Best, “Pipe Dreams”, Nanny Faye gives Miley cannabis oil. Catch back-to-back new episodes of Chrisley Knows …


  1. Granny my favorite she always crack me up LMFAO 😄 😁😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯❤️

  2. OMG this is going to be a living nightmare one of them are going to kill each other🔪🔪🔪🔪😁😆👍🏻😅🙃

  3. Lighten up people, you can't get high on this oil. I saw Nanny Faye in Tunica last weekend – she was killing it on the blackjack table.

  4. Seriously, how much of that cannabis oil is she giving that dog? She’s like a teeny tiny little zombie.

  5. Pup that gets high. Nanny Faye bringing in the bar. Todd having a meltdown. Julie cooking dinner. Just gotta love family. 😂😄

  6. One elderly lady I knew made cocktails for her dog so she had someone to drink with at cocktail time!When lady passed away I do believe the dog had the D T ‘s and her poor son had no idea what the dog drank

  7. I know some might not agree but if a vet says it's ok for Miley to have it then it will help her. I just hope Nannie Faye is giving her a correct dosage amount. Poor Nannie Faye would be so lost and heartbroken without her furbaby.
    Todd leave your momma alone because she's doing great to be 75.🙂👍

  8. Nanny Faye moved in with Todd and Julie?I thought Francis lived with nanny. One things for sure many dont take no shit off todd. Shes hilarious.

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