1. I give u squirrel/chipmunk the only creature besides "Loke" the trixter that can access the pole (tree stem) up and down between the world's on the Tree of Life. (YGGDRASYL)

    Go chipmunk or go Trixster joker.. But you will pay your price of the Ricoshet the trixter way without your animal kin. Animal skin bypass all.

    You can now climb up and down thru shape shifting to go further out the torus field or as the squirrel (il) climbing the stem (narrow path) straigth thru the chaos in the eye of the storm where all is grounded deepest inside the force of vortex.
    U need to be small and quick to pass thru the eye in the neadle.
    In the end it's seems to show to that all the parts in the play were played by "Loke" him self at one point in time. And he had only realy tricked himself in to self destruction. Clue, make your self as small and as easy ligth hearted as one can be and you slide on thru the barriers.only way thru is thru the stem, shedding of consept of self,

    In cards the knight, dam and King is pictured as a mirrored person in upside down and downside up,
    This is really the joker's signature and his masks and roles.. It is hidden and shows that this is his first created splits alter egos. Jesus was riding back forward on a white donkey, and heyoka the Indian american was altso riding on a horse backwards forward serving as a mirror player.

    Inside the stem you need to go "owl" to figure out its really all been an "awl" on the head.
    Awl= Syl lys=ligth (lyssyl) ligth house, the star… Everything alchemy

    (Luke, lowkey,joker,heyoka, heyaka)

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