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  1. Our news channel did a study on the CBD oil and so did Dr. oz show. They went to all different locations and what they found was terrible. There was product they brought that had no CBD in it and some had a small amount. None had the right amount. They said because the government doesn't regulate it makes it easy for this to happen. They don't have to answer to anyone and no one is checking it. Hopes this helps.

  2. I enjoyed your video , I too am thinking about trying the cbd oil . I have subbed as I already have told you before. I'm just trying to share the love from my little tiny channel to yours.

  3. Theresa I am loom knitting more thanks to your inspiration. I would like to see how you change colors to make designs in your hats. I need some variety. Have joined a group at our local senior center and we loom hats for different charities and food pantries. I especially like the designs you put in hour hats. Do you do e wrap or another stitch?

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