CBD Boom: NYC Is Cracking Down on Cannabidiol in Food, Drinks | News 4 Now

Just as the CBD craze was taking off in New York City, it has been grounded by the city’s Department of Health. City health officials have started cracking down …


  1. To more quickly jump to each story we're covering tonight, hit the following time codes:

    Full report on CBD: 2:36
    NYC Mom Found Dead: 0:15
    Dance Instructor Charged: 0:43
    NYC CBD Crackdown: 1:03
    EL Chapo Deliberations: 1:41
    NYPD vs. Waze: 2:00

  2. The fact that hemp and cbd are still illegal is proof that it’s not just about public safety and protecting the fabric of society when it comes to illegal substances.

  3. Federal gouvernemt has been putting it's citizens in cages for year's for cannabis shouldn't all of these studies on cannabis been done year's ago to have it listed as a sceudle 1 drug!

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