1. Had to cut my losses on Canntrust a while back but went all in with what I had left on ACB today🤑. Haven’t seen it this low for a while. Thanks Rich for the pep talk, I am sure many of us needed it!

  2. I keep buying more to average down. My girlfriend thought I was nuts until I explained my risk tolerance and long term outlook. Glad to see people are embracing this opportunity for the long haul.

  3. I've got a few long stocks. 10,000 shares in Acreage, Cresco, Curaleaf, and Harvest Health and Recreation. I don't even look at the share price, unless my friends bring it up. The swing trading I do is mostly in the Canadian cannabis markets. I take full advantage of Aurora and Canopy's swings.

  4. When i see Red im gonna pull up and Buy More! Now thats real game! Its gonna blow Rich and tell them if they dont believe you just watch! 💸💸

  5. This was pure motivation to me man, been watching u for year now… made money, lost money etc… yk that’s how it goes sometimes. Holding ITHUF,MEDMEN,ALEAFIA,TRULIEVE,ACB, RIVERS and MANY more including ur favorite ZENABIS at GOOD PRICES and still heavy red 😤😤 it’s crazy how u think they can’t go lower and they do! anyways going to buy HARVEST AND CRESCO probs… Ik you hope we win big which is why I love your channel! anyways thanks for the amazing content! Take care rich

  6. "This is the best time to buy!" – I could not agree more!! This a HUGE Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza present in September! This is how the rich get richer! No pun on the rich – LOL! Obviously watch the market as it could go lower – but buy at the right time and when is comes back up – BINGO!! Go 420 Sector! "it's true."

  7. Let's goooo champ
    Gronkowski is on that CBD tip harddd in the US right now too.
    Its inevitable brother, the rise will come.

  8. Good Evening Rich hope all is well, I love these red days,,,,i only have 3 weeks left then i can stock up hopefully we go lower lol Im thrwoing like 50k in 4 diffeernt stocks, ill have 25000 shares of ZENA 🙂 BRING IT ON SHORTERS BRING ACB to $5 please 🙂 lol

  9. Thank you Rich for the video. You're always inspiring to watch. Did you see Aleafia's news today about being profitable next quarter? There's definitely a lot of gems out there now at 52 week lows. Buy low sell high

  10. my biggest concern is where to spend the little cash I have right now in so many good opportunitues out there to average down some of my positions

  11. CannTrust will come back, Aurora will be involved in "multiple partnerships", and the big cap #cannabis stocks will all explode in due time… The war will be won.

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