Cannabis Growing Basics- Grow Room Lighting

This documentary may Depict the cultivation of legal medical Cannabis in the state of California. Caligreen channel insist that you do not attempt to recreate any …


  1. I have the mars hydro sp250 in my 2×4 tent Before that light I had 2 viparspectra 300 watt since I got my new light I noticed my plants are turning darker which is great

  2. Hey Mr. Cali, can you do a grow video if it’s feasible, you showing how bare basic equipment can be used to grow the plant? Cause I live where most of the soil and accessorizes you show aren’t available.

  3. Thats a pretty bad formulated question now but try it maybe: so i have a growbox in 1,50×1,50×2m would a 300W square led be enough for 2 plants for the time till flowering? Then i would put additional 2×75W maybe 4× full spectrum (Warm white) leds in there, but putting it like with an ankle in the corners of the growbox in the front and back? If thats even understandable, would that be a good idea or does it sounds like bullshit?
    Again sorry for the bad formulation and all that i really tried my best to make it clear as possible

  4. Great vid 👌🏼am totally new with growing I have a question I got a 5*5 gorilla tent and I am planning to have 5 plants in there how much lighting do I need would I need more than one fixture ? 🙏🏼 thank you for the good videos

  5. That was perfect in depth and detailed a lot of people have a hard time understanding par and lux. For example my gf didn’t understand what you were saying in this video and was gonna ask me about it but I just let the video play and then she caught onto it and I didn’t have to explain it to her. That’s how I know that this was a great video.

  6. Good that you show basics to the newer growers, some forget that basic gardening, lighting etc is essential info to start from. ✌

  7. Love the videos miss alot of the old ones like your organic soil mix video the ones that talk about the micro organisms….

  8. Hey dude my grow tent at night has been getting up to like 70% and I don’t have room for a dehumidifier I think it would remove too much humidity. once my lights come on for their 12 hour cycle the humidity goes down and I try to open the tent up to air it out but I’m worried about those nighttime humidity readings. Any suggestions?

  9. Nice video but I think you should have taking it a step further and talked about DLI. The numbers you gave are great for photo but not so good for Autos. A plant can only use so much light in a 24hr period. So it makes a big difference if you are running photos on 12/12 or autos on a 18/6 or 24/0.

  10. As you may already know, PLC photo boost lights spread par evenly, & are Probably the best LED configuration out there…

  11. A very informative video on lighting such as this is bound to get at least a million if not more views…keep up the stellar work

  12. Much love from Mexico!! was watching an older vid and got a notification for this one ¯_(ツ)_/¯ first time that’s ever happened to me

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