Canna Cribs: E6 – Rare Dankness [Trailer] Cannabis Grow Op Denver, CO

FULL EPISODE – – – launching soon – Here is the official TRAILER for Episode 6 of Canna Cribs at House of Dankness aka Rare Dankness in Denver Colorado.


  1. Love that Scott survived the C, hate that they are one of the few who charge an outrageous amount of money on "hit or miss" phenotype searches! I mean if ur serious about getting quality cultivars you don't put your foot on folks throats to be able to appreciate your work. How many dollars gotta be spent before someone finds a moonshine haze keeper!? ESP when they can get just as good of not beter from reasonably priced cultivars from say B.O.G or ACE. No offense to you "helping breeders" with lighting etc etc etc……go try this with Kevin jodrey please, my point being most who are into this that I know of east coastwise have a great understanding of proper technology, what would be nice to see you advocating is these breeders not ripping rec growers off with seed sales. The pics most breeders use on sites are " bag appeal" type salesmenship. Nothing wrong with paying the bills but considering the work these varietals can need it's important to keep things in perspective….unless something is S1 in see's form…..asking above 70.00 for ten reg seeds is ripping folks off in my opinion. Leap farms would be a great tour!

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