1. Only 5 stores in Toronto and so far 2 have opened downtown and a third one to open on Queen St. That leaves only 2 stores for the rest of Toronto. Sorry you SOB's (South of Bloor) there are more people in the suburbs than there are downtown. The black market is laughing at your stupidity. I live in North Toronto and will never go all the way downtown to buy weed. What a joke!

  2. Have a open tested market and let Canadian farmers grow it for $0.05 a gram instead of these clowns ripping patients off sick people to grow there stocks.

  3. What they don't tell you is they run all of their product through tumblers removing half of the THC. Phuck legalized marijuana

  4. Nice!! Keep it up 💯💯
    i just got my first sponser 😜 they send me a Mars Hydro Grow light ( The TS1000). the unboxing will be online tomorrow, i can't wait to grow some 🔥 under it

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