Bill Hicks – Pot vs Alcohol REACTION!! (The TRUTH About Each lmaooo)

Bill Hicks sheds a TON of light on the behavior of someone who DRINKS in comparison to someone who smokes WEED. Bill Hicks – Pot vs Alcohol Reaction!


  1. Is Pot/Weed BETTER than Alcohol or nah?? Thanks for tuning in and clicking on my face lmao 😂. Hopefully you found this video entertaining and/or informative. Much luv😤🤟🏾

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  2. wow, diving into the great bill hicks. he was trying to change the world. to answer your question. pot is better than alcohol, but both are great when when i choose to use.

  3. You really think about this stuff and you are displaying hard work behind the scenes. I like that a lot man, this is how success is built. Respect.

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