Best CBD for Anxiety, Autism – Cannabidiol – 1 Year CBD Review – GIVEAWAY

GIVEAWAY ALERT CBD and Cannabidiol have blown up lately! This video covers evidence based benefits of CBD for anxiety, depression, autism, …


  1. My entire family uses CBD. This past year I’ve tried a few different creams,..for inflammation, a cbd stick for muscle pain and a roller to help with sleep. I’ve heard a few things about the oil so I’d love to see if it would help my daughter with her anxiety and sleeping at night. I personally love CBD so much that I’m always telling my friends to try it lol Thx for the break down info tho. It helps a lot to know how THC is broken down 😁

  2. I have heard about cbd for autism and other medical conditions. This video covers some good points, gj. CBD would be helpful for my back pain.

  3. Sweet giveaway! I would use the cbd oil for before bed to help with sleeping, I have heard it's good for that. Is it?

  4. I have been trying to ease out of my cymbalta(duloxetine) use for almost two years now. It's insane how addictive it is, and how anxious the dosage change, even the small ones, have made me. I really want to try alternative ways and have been looking into cbd oils (which is how I found your videos!) Think i'll try it out nomatter if I win or not, but it would be nice to try out the different ones beafore i buy my self poorer than I already am 😀

  5. Hi! I would like to try it to see if it would help reduce some of the inflammation in my body. I also been having some anxiety and would like see if it would help my symptoms.. thank you ❣️

  6. I've never tried cbd oil before, I have anxiety and cant drive because of it . I'm happy to see they ship to me here thank you.

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