1. Great video! Awesome commentary! I never leave messages,just likes. Had to say something..u rock dude! Thanks

  2. Hello, I did not do the same as you, no ,i fucked the shit out of them 😂😂😂😂😂,I cut everything, I leaft the main branches and they're toped of course, the strains are 3 Ninja fruit and 6 Strawberry cuch, 3 of Straw cuch they made me put a string around them very tight and huck it with the LEDs strings, cause the bamboo poles couldn't handle the weight of them, but if pruning they show me the defrint in the flowering phase, now it's week 7 they are very big and sticky, i think two more weeks and then they will be ready to harvest ,I know that it's an old video but of course you're growing right now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,so good luck to you and happy growing.

  3. What song are you listening to around 4 minutes into the video??? It sounds extremely similar to a beat I made lol

  4. Do u spray them or what? Why are they all larfy and crispy like that i know it happens sometimes i got one that looked like that cus it was root bound in a small pot for to long but i think if u pruned better and sooner b4 they get all stressed u can controll what branches shoot up and should have better results

  5. Hey bro, what about the “BIG LEAVES” that come out closer to the top? Nothing is blocking light but is it bad or good to cut off the big leaves that are coming out by the top? Each beach that is flowering on the top(has about 4” to 6” of buds at the top) and each of those has 4 to 6 big leaves growing. If I cut those to get more focus on the buds or will it shock the area that is budding? Thanks for any help u can give!

  6. Ouch! Watching you cut so much off those ladies hurt my soul! LOL Do you have another video of them after a few weeks to see how well they recovered?

  7. 😳😲 I've been growing for over 15 years and is it just me or did he just cut off some good branches(wtf the one in the back could have stayed she wasn't bothering nobody and she was getting good light)…..

  8. I do a milder version of this however week 2-3 i start stripping really large fan leaves from inside the canopy for air flow and light penetration. Then every other day i check for suckers and yellowing leaves then remove them. Ive actually tied some of the lower branches out and they shot up and started popping decent buds. Not as big as the uppers tho.

  9. This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! I think too often some channels skip or fast forward through this and it's nice to be part of the process.

  10. I was reading that when trimming when flowering puts a lot of strain on the girls, and stops them from growing. Is this not true?

  11. I've been told not to prune after three weeks because it causes issues with the plants hormones. I'm a beginner. Trying to grow my first outdoors and trying to weed through oh-so much information. Thanks. Oscar

  12. dude if you trim everything no later than 2 weeks all the bud that would have grown there will grow at the top. by waiting till after 2 weeks you lose that bud. dont lose it move it to the top. trim no later than 2 weeks.

  13. I grow outside and can't wait for next year gonna have some gorilla glue this year just some kind of Kush

  14. Honestly man…. Awesome video! Needed to see some pruning in action! My outdoor girl is a wild one and after watching your vid Im going to giver a trimmm 😂💪

  15. I am just fighting a monster, removing half a bush every week. You really need to dig in, take one at a time. Northern lights is a bitch.

  16. This really helped me out.. I'm 4 to 5 weeks into flower . I'm a 1st timer experimenting with bag pot.. what is interesting is that out of 9 seeds that germinated I had 3 or 4 different species – i kid you not. I need understanding of why pruning is so important and how to do it… taking the time to walk us through really helped me clearing out my lower and mid level foliage. thanks

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