BBtank Key Fob Vape Battery, adjustable Voltage Edition. Suits for all 510 thread cartridges.

BBtank Key Fob Vape Battery, the adjustable Voltage Edition is available. —350mAh Battery —compatible with 510 thread —Built In USB charging cord Charge …


  1. There's a ton of knockoffs on ebay i guess. Mine says red = 3.8v , green = 3.2v and white = 2.8v which are different than this video. Also the light on mine goes from green, to blue, to red, with no white, so it doesnt even match the legend colors or order lol. Im basically guessing on the voltage from experimenting. It works though and I only paid $8.

  2. Anyone know what 2 clicks does? The light automatically does a couple of purple blinks after the two quick clicks

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