Bathtime! Washing Tractors Before Harvest

Looking like new again! I wash down the tractors before harvest to get them looking pretty! I also checked out my 25 acre hay field to see how the alfalfa was …


  1. Could of sprayed select max on it to take out the grass. Grass is the number one enemy of a new stand of alfalfa. You can over seed next spring but after that you will have to tear it up do to auto toxicity issues. Harrow it next spring lightly to loosen it and overseed it and pack it and you should be good if you think its too thin. Ive been in your situation before. Never give up on it.

  2. One thing about alfalfa seed, it is pretty hardy. You may be surprised how it may come in next spring. Mine I seeded last year and only go a half inch of rain all year on it came back pretty nice this spring.

  3. Last year we seeded some alfalfa and had a terrible stand of alfalfa this spring. So we took the drill and ran it over the field again without doing any tillage and now all the empty spots in the field are filled in with alfalfa.

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