1. Dispensary weed fucking sucks. Pure garbage. Talking about "oh, you can't see the trichomes cuz i need a special lens on my camera". Foh
    Street weed a thousand times better. Az weed sucks. And your prices are bullshit. As well the price of a weed card is bullshit. 250-300$? Fuck y'all. Thought y'all were about helping sick folks? Bullshit ass lie. California got weed cards for $19 fucking bucks. Punk ass Arizona and their $300 card. I bought your lame ass weed card only twice. I now Photoshop the current date and use only weedmaps to get FIRE WEED brought here from Cali and Oregon and Colorado. I'd follow your bullshit laws Arizona, but you give ZERO fucks about us patients. So i will continue to Photoshop my card FOR FREE, and smoke my heart out. You can keep your green, no trichome having Reggie you're trying to pass off as TOP SHELF. I been to 9 dispensaries here in Phoenix, EVERY SINGLE PLACE HAS BOTTOM SHELF BULLSHIT. And your rude ass bud tenders, fuck them too, arrogant know it all fucking druggies. And wtf is up with ALL those fucking tip jars? Fucking fleecing Arizona's patients left and right. You fucks get what?…. $15 an hour? And you want a tip ON TOP OF $60 AN 8TH? 🖕 fuck you.
    The streets got waaay better weed than these "pros".
    Fucking joke here in az. And what's up with ALL those secret parties? And the 710 cup and every other party? THIS IS NOT A RECREATIONAL STATE YOU DRUG ADDICTS, SO WHY THE FUHK YOU PARTYING WITH THE VERY SAME WEED YOU CHARGE DYING FOLKS 60 BUCKS FOR? HMM?
    You don't see Walgreens or ANY other pharmacy holding parties where EVERYONE pops opiates, or Xanax. Do you? Yeah, thot so. Arizona gives ZERO fucks about us. Its all about the money. CRIMiNALS.
    my drug dealer treats me better than these clowns. Loser weed state.

  2. As a Student of Social Psychology, the Mass Hysteria PROPAGANDA Created by Salinger and Hearst to convince the Herds of Sheeple that Cannabis is/was a Dangerous Drug, Especially Compared to Alcohol, Tobacco, Opioid Pharmaceutical Rx is Truly Beyond Reprehensible.

  3. In the year 2019, when there's actual patent on use of marijuana… held by FEDERAL govt, with ON-going patient care where a select few participants in a federal study on medical benefits of marijuana are literally mailed a Folger can full of marijuana joints, MONTHLY, for a 'doctor' to delusionally claim that "I was really skeptical that cannabis was a medicine!" when there are literally about 100yrs worth of data on its benefits?? You're not a very good doctor, dear. Hang up your white robes.

    So OF COURSE, she's the one to be granted a 'license' for what is ALREADY LAWFUL under the Constitution via 9th and 10th Amendment. The Fed. govt terrorists have ZERO enumerated powers to regulate ANYTHING you consume. PERIOD. The ENTIRE DRUG WAR IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

    NEWSFLASH: if they had to pass 18th Amendment banning alcohol and 21st Amendment repealilng the 18th Amend, it was PRECISELY because at least govt terrorists from nearly a century ago at least KNEW to respect their constituents enough to at least give lipservice to their Const. oath, enough to actually pass an Amendment to ban something they clearly knew the Fed. Govt had ZERO authority regulate.

    Did you ever see CONgress pass an amendment to ban all narcotics and regulate them?

    OH NO??


    Only govt assholes can pretend and feign to be 'heroes' for the very situations they initiated.

    WAKE the fLock UP!

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