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Adam Conover reveals the hidden truths on hot button issues such as immigration, climate change, and marijuana. #truTV #AdamRuins SUBSCRIBE to get the …


  1. ADAM when you say "these immigrants didnt sneak across the boarder" have you not seen the videos put out by boarder patrol of massive amounts of these people SNEAKING ACCROSS THE BOARDER?

  2. Hey Adam why not tell the viewers how much taxpayers contribute each year due to ILLEGAL ALIENS. YOu know schools , welfare programs , hospital visits ect. And for all who say Illegals dont benefit from any of these things because they are not citizens. Well that sends me to another issue that the wall would help to tamp down . And that is stolen SSN numbers. You see there is a vast black market that deals in stolen SSN numbers. And guess who is buying the numbers? YEP, illegals. They buy these STOLEN SSN NUMBERS so they can benefit from taxpayer financed government programs. And if you think the money these illegals make here is a benefit to our economy. Guess again. Just stand around a western union counter at your local grocery store on fridays and just watch all them ILLEGALS come in and send a majority of their money back home. So it yet again the shaft is dry shoved up our ass once again by these illegals and our government. So why not explain that liberial Adam. You bleeding heart flock of seagulls hair wearing lier.

  3. The wall building part contains zero accuracy. Its nothing nore than democrat libtard propaganda. Shame on you adam

  4. We spend more per person annually than any nation in education and it's a joke ….healthcare is a mess since Ted Kennedy brought us HMOs in the early eighties smh again misinformation is worse than ignorance

  5. Climate change is such a hoax I can't believe it still exists it's like all those leaked emails from England talking about it being fake were never leaked lol people have gotten very stupid

  6. “The Great American Wall” has always reminded me of “the Great Wall of China” where you spend all this time walking it only to find out that once you reach the end, you could have just swam out 20 feet (or 9 yards) and could have practically just “walked” around it. It’s one of those times where you start to question the sanity of everyone in “charge”. Then you question your own sanity to think that it was something special in the first place. Why?? Why Adam do you do this to me?? My day was going so well…

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