1. People keep trying to mack it bad drug but weed if let us smoke we can tack different way instead of smoking so no cancer cos u don't smoke

  2. Legalised or not half Australia will continue smoking it, almost everyone I’ve meet have smoke pot atleast once. Legal or not I’m still definitely gonna be smoking it, the older generation seems to think that Pot is no different from ice I find it hilarious.

  3. Death of PGR is to occur soon, it looks like 🙂 I really hope the governments not dumb enough to not test their weed

  4. If Canada has full legal & the sky hasn't fallen down. In fact their industry is booming meaning tax dollars the pollies luv. The why can't Australia! Who I thought was more progressive than Canada? We Aussie's and so far behind this new green economy. Shame shame shame shame

  5. Not a single person has died in the 10000plus years of human cannabis use. Why? It doesn't shutdown the respiratory system. They don't mention the 500000 plus product's you can use it for which is renewable & biodegradable. Can regenerate dead soil and would be a boon for farmers. Cannabis the original food fuel medicine and fibre for world. This interviewer is a dick. The reason it's illegal is because of the people paying him and his propaganda mates protecting the industries that have brought on this current climate crisis…. Hempcrete, hemp biofuels, plastics, beams, particle boards, insulation just to name a few. Smoke a bit of herb & open your eyes to the possibilities.

  6. How the interviewer could compare cannabis and ice is beyond me, complete numpty

  7. One of The dearests place in Australia to rent.
    It's not dangerous at all you fucking liars.

  8. This should free the police up to deal with the drunks on the streets at weekends as well the other adverse impacts of achohol. It may also decrease the dependence many people have on legal opioids.

  9. Typical comparing ice to weed to keep the fear in the sheeple and keep them away from the eye opening self awakening herb

  10. I'd rather smoke a joint with a couple of mates and see a movie then get on the piss and get punched in the back of the head at kings cross. The hypocrisy in this country is a fucking joke. Cigs and alcohol have killed more people than marijuana, heroin, ice, pescription meds etc. combined.

    Just legalize it already… I grow tired of this argument. We should be focusing our energy on more important matters. Not debating over the legalization of a plant.

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