A Top Pres.Trump Lawyer Once Supported Legalizing Weed

The speaker is John Michael Cobb (Ty Cobb), a brilliantly articulate spokesperson for the Libertarian movement Way back in 1971 when this was recorded.


  1. This guy is very well spoken. Do you remember what people thought marijuana legalisation in the 70s? This guy has pretty progressive views about a lot of things, I'm curious if it was super uncommon?

  2. In Globalist America, dopes legalize Trump!

    Then they invade and destroy another mid-east country, bankrupt the working class, and transfer more wealth and power to the Agents who run… the NFL.

    Consume Neo-CON, get excited for next Neo-CON. Consume neo-LIB, get excited for next Neo-LIB. Stop smoking dope. Drink it! Eat it! Pop it with a shot of Fentanyl, and God save the Sacklers!

  3. Perhaps the regulation was meant to avoid something like a person got hit by a car driven by a person under the influence of substance like alcohol or mariyuana (ganja).

    People have rights to drink alcohol or smoke ganja privately but once they enter public sphere the regulation was made to protect the rights not only one individu but all people.

  4. Try Cobb is a brilliant defender of freedom and liberty.
    Unfortunately both Democrats and Republicans have spent, for at least the last 75 years, most of their time creating bigger and more oppressive government.
    The "Patriot Act" was passed by both parties and is by far the most onerous and freedom and liberty killing pieces of legislation ever passed.

  5. I’ve gotten into much trouble while using alcohol but not weed. I’m too busy drawing or eating to find trouble.
    Not many men smoke up and decide to beat someone down but they sure do on the drink. It’s called SPIRITS for a reason. I love weed.

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