1. Good News for Ohio! There is an amendment in the works that will legalize adult use cannabis. The amendment includes Home Grow and forces the state to regulate cannabis in a manor similar to alcohol. This is a unique effort. Instead of corporations spending millions on paid signature takers, the movement plans on making it easier for people to sign the petition by making it downloadable and printable, putting a petition in everyone’s hand. If you, like myself, think legalization is long overdue in Ohio, I urge you to join the group Legalize Ohio 2021. We only ask that, when it’s ready, you print a petition and have friends and family sign it (and register to vote so it’s valid!!!) and mail it back in

  2. Just got done with the last of mine, been sleeping outside for the last month and half..greetings from montague

  3. He said to never give up hope because only then do the thieves win! I guess I'll have to do better next year. I have seen him get everything stole from him. Then when harvest time came walk in with 5 or 6 huge females with huge tricombs hanging off it. When I asked him where he got it he would just say never put all your eggs in one basket and just laugh! We raise our own smoke make our own shine grow our own tobacco and a ton of vegetables. Like hubbi always says there's nothing better than homemade or homegrown! I dispise a thief. Especially when they could just grow their own.

  4. I work hard all year! My husband let me grow some on my own, he said I would love the feeling you get at harvest. When you are looking at your time and effort the payoff is a lot sweeter! My stuff looked better than his! We woke up to walk around and make sure everything was ok. Well the 10 big females out of the 20 I grew were gone! Only his stuff he had hidden was still here. He knew it hurt my feeling and said that's why he hides the stuff he grows so well. At least we still had his. We won't be doing without our smoke!

  5. Looks good man we just had a few “RIPPERS” try to steal some of my ladies😡 I got cameras on top of cameras so good luck ow and a 110 lbs Blue Pit which his dog door to outside when cameras pic up on something unlocks it and my dog hears it and sensor in collar lets him know no matter where he is in my house. Sucks I gotta spend ALOT more $$$$ on security. Sucks that people are like this trying to steal medicine from my patients smfh but everything looks prittey good buddy not bad at all. Mother Nature will be Mother Nature all we can do is try to combat it in the most safe and environmental friendly way

  6. I put blood meal in my soil i have no yellowing leaves that blood meal takes long to break down so no yellowing leaves yet.

  7. detroit michigan here! beautiful grow. did you get any bud rot from the rain?
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  8. Nice to see you're still getting it. I had to chop mine during a freak snowstorm four nights ago. Cluster fuck. Great work man.

  9. get ready for the cold man…pretty sure what i got in minnesota is probably comin' your way…30's and 25 mph with light snow…yee freegn' haw… the girls looked good this year bud.

  10. Did u steal my idea of the fans lol I had mine on in very bad rain stone's and nothing burnt up lol but Right on what do u store your shit in.. I use 5gallon buckets with sealed screw on lids for a months or two that I burp them then vac seal them.

  11. Looks Great Dalo! Love your patience! We also have 1 that is a few weeks out. In fact I just scratched in a 1/2 cup of Dr Earth Flower girl and a cup of molasses. I'm feeling sorry for her. All alone in the garden. Just hanging out with the peppers and tomatoes lol. Love what you do! Peace to you Dalo✌🍻🔥🌳

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