Zilis Ultra Cell full spectrum hemp CBD oil review

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  1. This might be the dumbest videos I’ve ever watched on youtube. Why were you even taking CBD? What was the goal here? Zilis has a completely different make-up and is water-soluble. Doctors are treating patients with Zilis because of positive outcomes. I know this 1st hand. You should remove this embarrassing video.

  2. Lol. This guy is out of is mine. He didn’t try the whole bottle and he makes a negative videos shame on him for trying to bash the best full spectrum hemp cbd oil on the market. Zilis has a huge team of doctors selling zilis in their clinics with outstanding results. Zilis is the only one with a Mayo Clinic study to proof their absorption level of 94% and so much more .. zilis has pay it forward for our veterans.

  3. If you haven’t given it the proper time to work I can’t relay on the review. How long does it say to take it for before any noticeable changes happen?

  4. What were you taking it for? It's not like THC or marijuana. If you dont have a specific reason to take it you may not notice anything especially in 1 day. Also CBD doesnt work like this. You cant take 15 doses n expect something. It works off the ECS . It's not like taking 15 oxy. Also many pple need to let it build up in their system. My husband had relief in 1 dose but I needed more time. My SIL had relief in 1 dose but her mom need a few doses to feel more. There are endless testimonials with UC for humans and animals. I'm sorry you guys didnt give it time and you wasted it by drinking almost all of it in 1 sitting. 🙁

  5. Do you have any pain or inflammation?
    Diabetics, stomach/ Digestive issues?

    Those are the type of medical conditions it helps.

  6. SCAM ALERT! Zilis UltraCell is good at one thing….taking your money! I am speaking as a former distributor. That one ounce bottle costs distributors $90 to $99 depending upon ones status with the company. It retails for $120 to $149, the most of any product on the market, and yet it is one of the weakest out there. Consumerlab.com did a study of all the cannabidiol products and recommends 1) Bluebird botanicals, and 2) Elixinol. Both are more potent and are considerably less in price. Elixinol costs distributors $15 per 1 ounce bottle, and is three times more potent. Elixinol retail price is $29.00 for the one ounce bottle, and they freely provide independent laboratory analysis. Consumerlab checked them out and put the product at the top of their list. So why is this inferior Zilis product $100 more?? The only comment that Consumerlab had about the Zilis product was that it had a "negligible amount of cannabidiol." They deemed the product to not be worthy of extensive testing. In short, if you are going to charge me five times the price for a product, you better supply a better product, not an inferior one!

  7. maybe he thought it would get him high. only cbd oil from the flower with a thc % can do that. from the hemp plant, none of it will get you "high". CBD from the flower will have a some kind of ratio. My bottle says: 20:1 and on the back says:
    THC: 3.18mg/serving – CBD: 71.1mg/serving on the label, whereas CBD oil from Hemp just says Cannabidiol 100 mg-1ml/serving (when the whole bottle is 3000mg, and does not mention thc at all) i have read that the cbd oil from the flower is more potent but it's also more expensive. not sure if that's true. i've read varied articles stating they are totally different and that cbd oil from hemp only, (seeds/stalks) is simply a dietary supplement and has only trace amounts of cannabidiols, whereas the cbd oil from the flower has full amount (higher %) of cannabidiols and then articles saying they are the same. Who knows. Many people swear that the hemp derived has greatly helped their ailments.

  8. Lol…its not liquid weed… you will not get high with cbd oil 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. Might as well snort it…LOL….What the??? So why are you taking it?? Pain? Inflammation? What?? You trying to get High?? LOL

  10. You’re not supposed to feel anything 🤣 it works within 1 week as it has to absorb into your brain and body before you notice affects

  11. Dude you don’t have a damn thing better to do with your time? do you know that you’re only gonna take in what your body needs from that overdose that you’re doing which is not gonna affect you but probably work against whatever you’re trying to prove because you scientifically are only getting what you need and then the rest of it is a waste! Are you like looking for marijuana benefits or something?? You can forget about that if so.And just the reason why you’re doing this and what you’re trying to prove I highly doubt if you’re going to feel anything because simple common sense factors doesn’t seem to sink into your brain/ also it is important to hold it under your tongue a certain amount for a certain time for a HUGE reason// obviously you’re probably a drug user and are used to certain kind of results from things but this ain’t that/// GET a life! I can’t tell you how many people have had their lives changed for less than seven days of this product// you stand on the SHIT

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