1. Re: Cannabis consumption.. Your flatulence may smell as if you were smoking in the restroom. (or wherever you "set it free"). Personally, I don't care now, as it's my Rx of choice, but would have appreciated a heads-up when I started.

    Keeping you in my prayers Carina ✌❤

  2. Hi Carina — just in case you haven't heard of it, there's this thing called a squatty potty — and no, this isn't a joke! It's a thing that you put around the base of a toilet so that when you sit down on the toilet, your feet are raised up so that you're in a squatting position and elimination becomes more natural and hopefully easier. They come in various materials including bamboo (!) as well as plastic. Here's the Amazon site for the US — there's almost surely an equivalent in Australia: https://www.amazon.com/poop-stool/s?k=poop+stool. Sending golden thoughts your way, on the potty or off!😂💕💕💕

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