You owe it to yourself to experience a total solar eclipse | David Baron

On August 21, 2017, the moon’s shadow raced from Oregon to South Carolina in what some consider to be the most awe-inspiring spectacle in all of nature: a …


  1. I’m from Florida. We’re known as the sunshine state. I did see a partial eclipse once, but nothing like a total eclipse. It’s hard to imagine the sun looking any different than it does every day. I guess I’ll see for myself on August 12th, 2045.

  2. I really don't owe that to myself at all, stop telling me what I owe myself, i'm quite capable of determining that for myself thanks

  3. I saw the eclipse of 1999 and I totally agree, it's something you really should see before you die. Utterly amazing, breathtaking and humbling.

  4. i saw an ad just now telling that if i download brave browser then i wont see ads and i was actually watching that ad on brave browser. lol

  5. You don't believe in God. and here you are talking about one of the God miracle. 😂 what a stupid person you are. Let me asked you. Who created this complex system? Why you need complex mathematics to solve a simple problem? Did you ever asked yourself..? Go and read Quran you will find real answer then you will start believing in God.

  6. I live in North Carolina but my school didn't let us out for the eclipse. The rest of my family drove down to South Carolina to see it without me. ): I should've skipped school, I missed such an important experience.

  7. 2:27 〜のくだりでお客さんが笑ってるのはどういう笑いですか?

    2:27 〜 Why is the audience laughing?

  8. When I heard the words “dissolve the ego“, it made me wish that I was down in Oregon on August 21, 2017 to witness the last total eclipse to cross paths with the US. But as it was, living in Washington (which sits right on top of Oregon), I was only able to witness a partial eclipse. But as the man said, there is no comparison! Well, come 2024, I’m going to have to travel several states for my next chance to witness a total eclipse in the US.

  9. We drove 4 hours to Kentucky to see it. We were expecting huge crowds and traffic. I was totally surprised at the sparse turnout. That might be because I purposely chose a tiny little rural town area that was near NO big cities. He is correct that you MUST see it in person. And my advice is to forget the binoculars and cameras (although the glasses are good for the partial phase). Just enjoy the SHOW and look everywhere…not just directly at the eclipse. The show is all around. Although it will happen again in Indiana in 2024, we will head to Texas for the higher chance of clear skies and a LONGER eclipse time. Make sure your prescription glasses are up to date so you can actually SEE it.

  10. I appreciated how he said what he does/doesn't believe while not criticizing anyone who sees things differently. He even said he wishes he did have that in his life as others do. This is how we come together in this world. We don't have to agree on everything to be respectful of each other and to realize the other people have value and are doing the best they can just as we are.

  11. As it happened, there is a perception shift that can't be conveyed but has to be experienced to be understood. You can perceive where the moon is and where the sun is. As if, for the first time in your life you can suddenly understand where you are and where they are. The shift in temperature and shadows and everything around you changes. The center of it is the darkest of dark and the edge is the brightest white you can imagine. It's not yellow like the normal sun is perceived.

  12. I experienced one 1999 in Germany it was all over media back then and honestly … I don't get how this guy makes such a big deal out of it. I thought I need to refresh my memories for something I missed … watched the 360 eclipse on youtube and I gotta say, it is just as boring and unspectacular as I remembered. People are excited purely because it's rare …

  13. One thing he didn't mention was how the world and all of nature holds its breath during totality. All of nature seems to sense it coming, and settles down for the show. The insects stop making noise. Few birds fly. There is an indescribable sense of earthly anticipation. The temperature drops 10 degrees in seconds. A light breeze blows. You are hypnotized utterly by the spectacle. You might try to say "It's like…" but you won't think of how to finish that sentence. A truly cosmic spiritual experience.

  14. I’ve a fear of flying but seeing an eclipse is on my bucket list so I guess I have to face my fear in the next few years

  15. I saw what really consider my first Solar Eclipse during the Great American Solar Eclipse.. it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, I wish I saw totality

  16. Although a scientific reporter, he did not pay attention to the beauty of the universe, before he had his wonderful incident
    David Baron tries to summarize how people are drowning in material matters, and how much they are away from the lovely of the universe..

  17. I experienced a total eclipse in 1999 in Germany. The moment the sun disappeared, the whole city became silent. Absolute silence: no one spoke, no bird chirped, no cicada ended. A cold wind wrapped us from the legs to the face. If someone had said to me: "that is God", or "that is the Devil", I would have believed him without delay. I only had a stronger experience when my children were born. Amazing. You should see one before you die …

  18. The biggest mistake anyone can make is not to believe in God. Look at this schmuck…here he speak of his awe inspiring experiencing and yet say he doesn't believe in God. Most smart people are dumber than a rock. You experience a spectacle of such magnitude and you do not believe there is a creator. How stupid and arrogant we humans must look to God.

  19. Totally true! I've have experienced the total solar eclipse of 2019 in San Juan, Argentina. Gorgeous! It was worth having traveled to another country to see this phenomenon!

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  21. He felt like part if something larger than himself. The majesty and power of this universe we live in is awe inspiring for sure. For me i see it when i look at the hubble deep field. Truly humbling. The scale of the universe is simply to grand for the human mind to comprehend. Worlds without end.

  22. The eclipse was amazing. We were only 20 minutes away from the best point of totality. If you ever get to see one pay attention to shadows around you. They do the weirdest things… I can't even describe it.

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