Yocan Evolve Plus XL Wax Vaporizer Review

Here’s an unboxing, test, and review of the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Wax/Concentrate Vaporizer Pen by @shivnibble, available from 180 Smoke at …


  1. I am using this same one and I get one or 2 good puffs then all the wax melts down and spreads and just sticks. I can see it all in there and coils get red but it's not giving me any smoke or burning off, all I taste is burnt metal after the first puff. Am I doing something wrong? All I taste is burnt metal. Please help, I've been looking all over for answers and can't them.

  2. do not buy the evolve plus XL if you are using shatter or anyting sticky there's no place to wipe it off on the interior. It just stays in your dab tool this thing's a piece of crap I don't know what this guy's concentrate looks like it it just falls off his goddamn fingers

  3. So it's a wax and 510 cart thread atomizer? Because I am sick of these garbage cheap $15 $20 batteries. They die fast, burn my terpenes and the wicks and ruins my session.

  4. Ive had one for a while and I would say it is annoying because it goes off in my pocket and wastes all the wax i put in there. Its super annoying. Also it isnt easy to keep clean mine gets filthy agter every hit and the wax get on the walls on the thing. Other than that it hit nice once it is almost out of wax. Gets me high af but it has wasted so much wax of mine.

  5. Good review man.
    Just bought one at my local smoke shop. I get thicker clouds just by holding the power button a few sec before i pull

  6. I love my XL Plus. One con I would also say is the indicator light is tiny. It's hard to tell when it's on just by the light. Otherwise it's an amazing vaporizer. I have had it for almost a year now and beat the hell out of it since I am clumsy and it still works flawlessly. I want to buy another just to have the all black midnight one.

  7. Why does it make me cough so bad? I just got it last night and I thought I was gonna pass out I coughed so bad. Smaller hits? How long should I hold the button down?

  8. I love my Evolve Plus XL except with the quad coils, I find that they never heat up equally. There is always one coil extra hot, 2 that are good, and one that does nothing. Anyone else have this?

  9. I was told to purchase this from my local 420 store to use it for regular hash. Now, I just have it charging but I see in the comments that you should not use it for hash? I am totally confused. If someone could help to properly educate me I would really appreciate it. I have a vape pen for dry herb/flower. The person I deal with for my accessories told me to use the Yocan XL for my hash. Should I be doing this? Are they misinformed? Also, could someone please explain what “shatter” is and what a “dab” is? I am old school. Haha! I hadn’t smoked any Mari for over 20 years but am now using it medicinally for anxiety, sleep and depression. Would appreciate any good information you can share. Thanks.

  10. i find myself coming back to the yocan evolve plus XL, even though i hate how it has an average build quality, compared to other industry dab pens. it's made with cheap material, but the yocan is sturdy, it does what it's supposed to do. it's the closest thing to a rig. the 4 quartz coil burns HOT. it's also self cleaning; you just have to press pulse the on-button until the coils and quartz rods heat up and burns away the excess nasty buildup… becareful not to overdo it, or your yocan will get too hot.

  11. This looks great, as Yocan is a leader in the game. I like that this xl has a bigger surface so you don't ever have to push down the concentrate to make contact with coils, however I don't like that you have to keeo the pen upright as I like to vape while I'm laying down alot. So the Pandon works good for that. I can tilt it and it still makes contact. I guess with my Pandon I get 4 coils too. Great review.

  12. Hello does anybody know if you can put hash that is hard inside or will it work if you chop it real fine will it work thank you

  13. I put my wax directly in the middle and get No smoke… can someone explain please? I wasted 4 dabs trying figure it out and i'm burnt now… rreeally disappointing but no one else seems to have this problem. Is there a right way to hit this?

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