Woman Took Illegal Cannabis Oil To Cure Terminal Stomach Cancer. Here Is What Happened After 2 Years

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  1. its illegal because if this thing become Legal hospital won't make money anymore! because people can buy it everywhere or just plant them in their backyard. so this one of the reason they keep saying is illegal because these thing can cure a lot of sickness!

  2. I think that you should be able to use it if thats what your going through so you can get better. Also smoking weeds recreational is cool but theres some people that shouldn't do it because they can barely handle Tylenol so forget weed.

  3. This channel should be ashamed of itself for spreading false information. What if someone with cancer decided to forgo surgery because because of these claims?

  4. This type of oil is going to be made legal in England and Wales. It was announced by the government here a few weeks ago

  5. There's one case in my country as well, a husband grows for his wife that is terminally ill before being raided by police and charged for possession. The wife is gradually getting better until the husband can no longer treat her and succumb from her illness because he is in prison. Even with no evidence that he is reselling the drug, the court denies the husband's claim for it's medical uses because there's no study on it.

  6. The war on cannabis is because God gave us a plant who can easily cure cancer and evil governments all around the world want it to be illegal. Let's hope the prime ministers of the world get cancer, things will change.

  7. I believe that the oil will help so many people! But this video shows pictures of weed and not very may of the oil. The oil will not get you high. Congrats on being cancer free. Good luck with changing the law for the canibus boil.

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