WisEye Morning Minute: Wisconsin Health News – Future of Marijuana & CBD in Wisconsin

On January 8, Wisconsin Health News hosted a panel to discuss the legal and health issues around marijuana and CBD and the future in the state. One of the …


  1. "WE know something of what it does chemically" just as a Drug Chemist would associate a Natural product as souly based on it's lifeless chemical constituents, CBD & Hemp are Natural created plant the Mad Scientist think Frankenstein Chemical organization, stitching DNA & blasting it into other Genetic material trying to create artificial life & get a Patent on it so the Cash Register goes Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching MONEY!!!!!! Just as there are many variety for Hemp so to variety for soil, climate,etc all adding to the concoction that makes a Wine connoisseurs passion,delight in tasting the ever so slight variance & flavor for a Wine who's total cultivation & respect for it's NATURAL inherent God given masterpiece, Sun light, Soil's, Seeds,air,water,planting,etc. Many of the things a Farmer, Gardener takes delight & much mental focus in continued Horticulture to preserve & express the hidden Golden mean characteristic that will be the purchasers decision for acceptance, purchase & use, not coming from a Prescription pad based on it's New Chemical change to sell it for more Money, more Money, more Money.. American Health Care is nothing but for Profit Care so when they speak NO it is from a I want Money base line & having a Patent made Drug is they're Super Highway to achieve that Medical marvel comic freak from Science that chooses to ignore the depth of subtle chemical bonds Naturally inherent in the Plant, like wheat Germ Oil has many Toscipherals besides Vitamin E. A for Profit Medical Industry that has nothing all Natural on it's Medical Menu for prescription has No business dictating how & what THC Natural Plant based constituents can be molded & chopped up into Frankenstein Monster arm's & legs to achieve a Patent that creates SYMPTOM complaint the Natural leave it alone gift from God is & holds!

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