Will Marijuana See Federal Legalization (w/Guest Angela Bacca)

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  1. It is a strictly political prohibition and therefore doomed to blow away in the political winds.
    All victimless crimes are established to empower the state against its population, a clumsy outdated practice that can never be financially justified. Law enforcement has been corrupted by the war on "drugs" to the point that real crimes like thievery and corporate fraud are rampant. The working people have been squeezed past their limit. We can no longer afford the luxury of pretending marijuana is a narcotic

  2. Thc-v and the terpene humalene are both appetite suppressants for the munchies lady. Both Durban Poison and Maui Wowie are high in thc-v

  3. If she wants to cure her Crohns and stop treating symptoms collagen is the key. That and no sugar, gluten or dairy. Thank me later.

  4. I have a neurological condition that causes severe cramping when I sleep. The prescribed condition is Baclofen, which can be physically addictive, causing withdrawal symptoms. Marijuana vape works much better for cramping, and helps me sleep fine. I get all of my medical treatment from the VA Hospital system. Since it is federal, the doctors cannot recommend marijuana. Fortunately, I live in Washington state, so I buy marijuana vape from the local stores and use that.

  5. Angela is so knowledgeable about marijuana that the government should quit KNOWING about it and start learning about it, from her. Bunch of harmful pricks they are, using a medicine against it's people. When will shame and knowledge be the guiding force? When we strip them of their ability to lie to us, that is when…

  6. 5:00 Winning!!! and politicians want to ban cannabis because people will use it as Sex Lube… that is their business right? what people put on their privates… governent getting private on everyone LOL

  7. Legalizing it is bullshit the rich/government still hold all the control over it, to begin with they have no business placing laws against it or legalizing it, this is bullshit all because they are making too much money off it.

  8. Alcohol if far more dangerous to the public. Marijuana was made criminal by politicians who wanted to control voters. I do not smoke but these laws do no good and cost the country millions if not billions.

  9. The munchies aren't so much caused by the Marijuana as by the addictive nature of the food you are eating, Sugar, salt and food made from grains are addictive in nature. That's why snacks are made of them. Look at the 'Keto' diet to escape the addictions.

  10. Much better lighting!
    You should switch to vaping. While cannabis will push out the particulate (also good for those Unhealthy AQI days) the other combustion byproducts can be more of a problem. Not only can you alter the effects by when you harvest, but also by controlling vapor temperature.

    Angela, have you tried oil (I soak buds in Canadian cold pressed hemp oil) in enteric capsules – it works great in my gut!

  11. Man im in Fort Worth TX and hate Abbott and these backward ass republicans whose keeping their voters from having this plant. I thought republicans didnt like big government in their lives? Their all corrupt and bought.

  12. I started smoking pot when I was in the army overseas in Asia and I got the munchies often. Of course I was a young man in my twenties, but now approaching my 70th birthday I'm not bothered by having such an appetite. The one thing that most impresses me about pot not to mention the euphoric feeling it gives one is the way it enhances the creative prospect. As far as I'm concerned it is a miracle plant and not only should be legalized, but also should have it usage encouraged.

  13. It really does knock pain down to a manageable level. I have qualifing conditions in the state of Arizona. 1-Epilepsy, 2-chronic pain, 3-N&V, 4-muscle spasms, and 5-PTSD. Most of the time I just take it before I go to bed. Otherwise, I vape. Most of the time lower THC doesn't help for pain, but CBD caps do make me sleepy and acts sort of like Tylenol.

    In me marijuana doesn't slow down my seizures so I have to take prescriptions for that. Thank you Vimpat! My back pain is due to this guy t-boning my stalled car for the insurance money. I should be glad I'm not in a wheelchair, but I'm left with a lot of pain and nerve damage. The damned doctor had me addicted to narcotics for ~25 years… until my body said no more. That and muscle relaxants. Damned doctors. And then with the pain and muscle spasms I get N&V. Nothing makes pain and muscle spasms suck worse than throwing your guts up. That and those delightful migraines.

    The best way to negate the 'munchies' is to use before a meal, or keep a veggie platter around to munch on. Or even popcorn without a lot of butter. I think it's mostly the act of chewing that satiates the hungry feeling. Even gum seems to slow it down.

    I take my main dose orally before bed, so it doesn't matter if I'm sleepy or trashted. I don't wake up screaming in pain, and my quality of sleep is vastly improved.

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