1. when the forest goes wringkle and need to be cleans for the new grew
    i was there to set them blaze

    En sabah nur

  2. There are 2 types of seeds. Annual seeds manage to grow with less Sun. The other one bursts open in high temperature. But it needs to destroy existing trees. I don't see anything wrong with lots of existing trees that cover sunlight. Trees exist. That's what matters. I don't see the nature's logic of destroying trees to create same trees again 🧐

  3. The Amazon rain forest has lest the chat

    Yeah, like what most commenters have said, pine tree forest depend on these forest fire, therefore they can easily get back, while rain forests are more resistant to forest fires but once on fire, they can have a hard time to return to normal or sometimes never at all.

  4. I better not hear something like "people burned a forest on purpose and claimed it was so more trees pop up" but it was not the same kind of trees.

  5. So as I understand, you need wildfires for the other types of pine cone seeds to grow, and that would take decades to recover. Then what's the point of waiting for 20 years plus for a forest while you already have one? As for the extinction thing, I'm afraid the fire would cause more extinction than the long life of those trees.

  6. I found this in my recomandations. (This after I just found about the Amazon wild fires.) Nature is trying to say something with the help of the YouTube algorithm.

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