1. I'm a poly addict. It's so hard. I really want off them but I need help. The problem is where? There needs to be much better treatment for addicts.

  2. Kurzgesagt makes me always think about something…
    They have the ideas, they have actual proof, they know the people who can help, with all collaborations and stuff.
    If all humanity followed what they teach for 1 year only, we would live in a far more better world in half that time.

  3. Sighs

    The problem is that conservatives in America are never, ever going to go for harm reduction, and no amount of evidence that it works better and will lead to a healthier society and /less drugs/ will truly matter.

    The important part to them is that all those involved with drugs – the addicts, the dealers, from the largest to the smallest – are punished. These are weak people making bad choices, why should we help them with those bad choices? We’ll just be making drug use more appealing. We have to make sure that being involved with drugs ruins your entire life, how else are we meant to make sure nobody makes that choice?

    I don’t agree with this, obviously, but in the end the war on drugs was never meant to be effective, at least not at reducing harm. for the everyday conservatives supporting it, it’s a moral crusade.

  4. Yea reduce the harm and make more people do drugs because now they think drugs are safe and then they die even more

  5. Sure, make drugs legal. I won’t pay for your fucked up life and I’ll take your kids if you can’t support them.

  6. So here is my question.
    why are black people more likely to be arrested for it?
    And no, im not going to take "racism" as an answer. That presupposes a massive slew of baseless accusations and conspiracies.
    I would like to know specifically, why they get caught and arrested more often.

  7. I laugh at the fact USA is considered a 1st world country. Looks like the UK is going down a similar path, I'm moving to Germany 😂

  8. While I agree on this subject, why is it that Kurzgesagt ignores Supply and Demand when it comes to guns and UBI ? Your bias is showing. You treat guns as if nobody wants them which is clearly false and you treat UBI as if it isn't just a salaried Minimum Wage which is exactly what it is.

  9. I've given some thought on this problem for a while. Since the draconian war on drugs is futile and counterproductive, why not use a very effective measure, albeit unfair, that is used in trade whenever someone wants to take the competition out of business: dumping? The difference is that, in this case, is a Government-sponsored dumping. In a way, what Switzerland is doing is, in essence, a dumping operation. By supplying the drug for free to the addicted person in a sanitized and controlled environment, you are denying the drug trafficker the captive market he needs to thrive.

  10. This is ridiculous, the war on drugs was absolutely needed. Murder skyrocketed from the 70's-2k generations. There absolutely should have been better rehabilitation to reduce the revolving door effect. However violent crime across America plummeted due to the war on drugs. Albeit we most definitely still have a violence issue in the states. Snapple fact: 75% of it is in some way still related to drugs. Even still all the murders of the 80's and 90's didnt kill as many people annually as alcohol annually.

  11. Like the video said, drugs will be used for the rest of humanity's existence. If that is true, then why even try to fight it? Why not just make it safe and easy to use?

  12. Democrats have had many opportunities to end this War on Drugs but they never do. Why is that? In 2010 0bama could have ended it easily with his supermajority. Acting as if this War on Drugs was partisan politics is pathetic. This War on people that do drugs was BIPARTISAN. Democrats don't want to end the War on Drugs because it is a very useful Political tool they use (with the help of the MSM) against the GOP. Democrats are willing to sacrifice their own people so they can acquire more power over everyone else. Truly pathetic tyrants. The GOP is the party of Individual Liberty, always has been. Reagan made two huge mistakes. The War on Drugs and Amnesty. Funny how Reagan is NEVER praised for amnesty isn't it?

    In California Democrats legalized Pot. Today I read that Gov Newsome is going to begin enhanced drug enforcement on illegal pot farms that don't give the Govt enough silver… Only in Libtard World can an illegal product become legal and the price and criminality goes up.

    Dick Nixons biggest blunders weren't the drug War or Watergate. It was creating Dept of Energy and the Dept of Education while at the same time helping the Chicoms. Things Democrats all praise, lol.. Energy prices are higher than ever and our children are dumber than ever.

  13. I find it ironic how Americans cry over the concept of their taxes going into social welfare systems to help prevent drug abuse, but are more than happy to spend astronomically greater sums of their taxes on meaningless wars that fail to solve anything.

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