1. Meanwhile in some European countries it's socially acceptable to start drinking at 14. (same year when we get our ID)

  2. Wow, all those reforms over legal drinking age and drunk drivers and yet none over mass shooters and gun control.

  3. I remember when they changed the Drinking Age from 18 to 21, it was the saddest day in Highscool! I almost dropped-out as there'd now be no longer any reason to go! All of my friends who were upper-classmen, all had these great parties for Graduation, and I'd be left with nothing! I wanted to STOP drinking by age 21!!!

  4. Wow a Republican who is willing to go against his conservative idea for the welfare of the American people . refreshing

  5. 🙋Hi sir, i am a subscriber of u r channel .Plz explain and make one video BALOCHISTAN history , thousands of citizens missing…,development and border problems….👍

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