Why the Black Market is Still Thriving? Tommy Chong Gets Political, Canadian Banned in USA and More!

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  1. I think the relationship thing is a big part, dedicated smokers have always been about the smoking community regardless of price

  2. stupid youtube unsubscribed me, last month all my notification were turned off.. i hate youtube, i really hope bitchute gets a little bigger and better..

  3. so-called black market thriving is a good thing: keeps the profits and control out of the hands of corporations and non-legacy capitalists.

  4. Even here in the states you can't cross the borders state or international it's call trafficking and you can loose your passport and sentenced to prison for up to 25 + yrs depending on substance and weight

  5. Sanders may be pro legalization and want to wipe the student debt loans clean BUT… he is still from a conservative time and is heavily influenced by current political parties and their agenda as a whole. Obama was pro legalization but never happened same with trump still illegal even if Sanders wins very little chance it will become federally legal

  6. Government run cannabis is the same as organized crime taking over because they are an organized group with the purposes of taking over and controling the cannabis industry (sounds alot like the gangs they portray as bad)

  7. The USA has a law against any 1 entity from becoming a monopoly but unfortunately long as there is 2 main producers there's no monopoly so the rich can stay rich and try to control the market

  8. A lot of people all over the world are feeding theyre familys thanks to illegal weed so black market won't die for them

  9. The legal market in Canada is overpriced and as far as I am concerned I grow a better quality product. Product selection in the black market is huge and all producers must follow health canada's rules which restricts the LP's

  10. Yes, i would say quality is the no. 1 reason. Personal growers put so much more care and time into plants, instead of commercially grown massive no care put into plants shit quality.

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