Why I'm Retailing Hemp Products

I break down the benefits of Hemp products relative to overall health and exercise for belly fat loss…. Product 45.00 CBD Oil 500mg Broad Spectrum Lemon; …


  1. Hey Monte love the info can you please send me information on ordering don't see it down below would like to buy some hemp protein powder and can oil can you put the information on the video are do below

  2. G'morning Montae, Great video. I've had 2 botched knee surgeries that have left me unable to completely straighten my left leg. I have osteoporosis, neuropathy, avascular necrosis in my right hip and degenerate disc disease. Plus I get injections in my back and hip every 3 months. I've been on strong medication for over 2 years and other pain medications for 25 plus years. I decided to take myself off bc I wanted to give my liver a break. Now I'm suffering and in so much pain but I don't want to take the medication prescribed to me. I've been thinking very hard about trying the hemp oil. Now that can be applied directly to the skin right? How much does a bottle cost? Have a blessed day.

  3. I've been looking for a black owned business to support. I couldn't find 1 locally. I just bought CBD oil 300mg, 1500 mg single dose, CBD water and CBD oil spray. I load up when I find a connect. Be chatting with you soon. Glad that you found your niche. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  4. Thanks for sharing I wish I could purchase now but my Funds with not allow me right now. I will not have any free up Money like the Middle Of 2020. I am in the Alterative Medication that I have my License for 9-4-19

  5. I would love to order the seamoss as well as the hemp protein. Due to bone issues I'm not able to work out. Is it still ok to use the hemp protein?

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