Why I Quit Vaping Cannabis | No More THC Cartridges For Me

After months of thought and an experiment, I am done vaping cannabis. I am not using any THC cartridges any longer, not from the dispensary, certainly not from …


  1. FYI – Yes, I know vaping produces vapor not smoke. I know the difference between combustion & vapor. Just trying to get a point across: cannabis vapors are heavy & thick and hard on the lungs. Not the way most people would think of a 'vapor'.

  2. So why did he stop using them? Nobody has time for a 15+ minute video. Can’t this be sometimes in a few sentences?

  3. I agree with you 100% with everything you said I've just started, I'm not impressed with the Vapes either weed is where it's at or hash.

  4. Seems like your weed is shit too bruh burn black keeps going out lol
    Stop.buying discount product and you will have a better experience. To go and blame ur sore throat on a vape is bs. Get food product u will have a good time. U go buy the shits that's on sale ur gona need a big lighter and lots of water. Be smart what you inhale and do go blaming the whole industry for your lack of knowledge and funds. Peace

  5. if you're going to do a video on vaping. I suggest doing less complaining and more to the facts. first of all, I have to call you out on something. if your throat is bothering you so badly, why even smoke a blunt or J. better yet I would have had something that would have not bothering my throat. just a thought!

  6. Yeah I definitely get higher off of some good weed versus some concrete out of a pin… Even with a good vape pin I still end up smoking bud cause the effect seems better and the hole experience seem to be more full

  7. Just buy the e-Volve pen. The one that is literally for smoking herb not for nicotine those he has were clearly for creating smoke. And just to be clear there are some places that will still use damaged herbs for creating oils. I worked at a cannabis farm for some time. Noticed what would get trimmed to sell and the ones they would pick for concentrates. I got to try the company's oils and that's when I noticed a strange cough. Still got me high because it was potent strain but I knew what was going on there. As long as it wasn't the black mold looking or spider web looking mold they'd still use and would come out with nice color gold. Does not mean them the two only kinds of mold it would get. But for supply in demand business you can lose sight of what's really important especially if the boss is on other kind of drug. Best bet is to figure out how to properly do it yourself and you get to pick what you inhale. Peace and respect to ya. Have a good one.

  8. Hey I’ve been enjoying THC for many many years discovered these cartridges about 10 years ago and some of these cartridges at 90% THC will make your throat feel a little raw call me that is true but with good weed at 20 or so percent you are getting A lot of THC in a small pool of vapor so that vapor is going to be superstrong I suggest taking a 3 to 4 second draw and then filling your lungs with oxygen and I get a great effect from that and then adjust my pull according

  9. I like to vape but I totally agree. Vaping still gives me sore throats and make my lungs hurt after a bit of use.

  10. Everyone trying to ride that new wave bro. Fuckin stupid. Only way we gonna know is more people coming out and telling their story.

  11. When, recently, in Vegas, I took a deep toke on a disposable vape and: 1. coughed my anus up; 2. Felt like I had scarred my lung (and it took hours for the discomfort to go); and three blew my head off. I am a smoker of decades and thought I'd be able to handle vape easily. Well I was wrong. Interesting experience, though, and instructive about vaping.

  12. sigh. THC oil=the essential oil of cannabis. thats all it is. its totally natural just like lavender essential oil and lavender tea. the difference is the essential oil is concentrated therefore much more potent. saying the essential oil of a plant is bad for your health while its leaf form is good for health is 100% delusional.
    he's prob vaping at far too high a voltage wattage and burning himself with the natural terpene oils or vaping too often.
    educate yourselves on herbology and essential oils and dont listen to this guy. he doesnt know what he's talking about.

  13. The vape pen doesn’t feel like a clean high even the most expensive cartridge aren’t that great I much prefer the actual plant herb 🌬

  14. My guy your smoking hot dog water . Try Dr.Zodiak or West Coast Cure cartridge you’ll thank me later 💯🤟🏻

  15. I soooooooo agree with youwhen "vapes" first came out my first ever hit off a pen was magical and wonderful, I was soooo high I almost couldn't function, now almost a year later and I'm done with them completely, I'd rather Smoke a Blunt. 😎

  16. You are smoking cheap carts ! You get what you pay for . A good cart should be damn near clear of color and thick like honey. Brown is no bueno. Try a Korova brand if you can get it where your at. Don’t vape brown oil.

  17. Bro I think it's the process of how the concentrate is made and the liquifier you use to break it down I think smoken both together is a nice hi

  18. Id personally stay away from all concentrates/vape carts, especially from the streets. Do you seriously want to be the test monkey of these vapes!? God gave us herb, not concentrated pesticides with a splash of flavored PG/vape juice.

  19. But there a difference tho you brought a cheap never heard of brand try dr zodiac or ROVES💯🔥 if its really real all you’ll need is 2/3 hits lol 💯 and it’s clean oil as well

  20. My carts are the same way from reef. I get the kalifa kush carts, and the have such a huge bubble. I swear they are short.

  21. I never feel my vape pen. Good old fashioned joints are the best. Never hurts my throat and I actually get high.

  22. I appreciate your honesty, and being so candid about your experiences. Thank you. I see a lot of truth in what’s being said from you. I’ll be in Vegas 9/16-9/22. I’m going to take a look at the vid you mentioned, for best prices. It’d be cool to burn one down when there, brutha

  23. You smoke weed you dont vape it. Vape pens were not meant to vaporize oils ever. This is why all these kids are getting sick.

  24. Vaping the THC oil is completely different from using a dry herb vaporizer. I never vape the oil because it’s not natural. Here is a solution for you from a scientist. Get a dry herb vaporizer like the Arizer Extreme Q. After the vape has been collected in a bag, run it through a bong with ice cubes. Always have a glass of water to drink because thc will irrate the throat.



    My guess is that the THC oil that you were vaping was of very poor quality due to the inferior extraction method. Either way I never ever vape the oil or wax because mother nature never intended it to be that way. Mother nature intended you to get the THC directly from the cannabis plant. It’s that simple.

  25. Gsc wasnt flushed well thats why it kept going out and
    The ash was black so yea not flushed well and the carts u described as under par im guessing came from the same dispensary … looks like there may be a problem with the dispensary and the quality control of what they intake as product for their patients… definatly try another dispensary with different brand farmers flowers and oil concentrates etc..

  26. RSO is made for ingesting… They say you can vape it… Not it's true purpose… Verano is trash… Their bud tastes like poorly cured badly flushed mids… Vaping these oils isn't good… The propylene glycol in them is a throat irritant… Explains your discomfort… Buy a dry herb vaporizer… GWF is garbage as well… Look for cannabiotix, polaris wellness, remedy, 8fold, greenway medical, GB sciences to name a few… All I named are better than what you purchased… Good street bud may not be genetically modified like the dispensary bud is… Therefore making it a more desirable tasting product… The by-product (back to the cartridges) of propylene glycol is a chemical called formaldehyde… Which is in embalming fluid put in dead bodies… Something to think about… This is why I don't vape these oils…

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