1. It's funny you say that we grow way prettier bud cuz I'm always thinking of how beautiful your plants are when I watch your vids yeah mine are sexy asf but as far as I go I could never get them that big and beautiful

  2. Hey groomie. Been following you this year from East Tennessee. Man you have helped me so much bro. I've used all your organic ideas and tweeked some of them for my climate, and boom brother. Wow. biggest thickest buds ever. 2 weeks from harvest. Couldn't have done it without you thanks bro. Will be in touch. need seed's to try here. From East Tennessee to Cali. Peace my brother

  3. Blue dream and gsc are two strains I’ve tried growing and smoking the blue dream is sativa all the way grow like the blue cheese took me another week or so to finish 13-14 weeks and my Girl Scout was straight fire I’m talking FIRE but somehow had seeds! In it I think it breaded with this other strain I had indoor cherry pie any way both were fire af yet it was just all bad I’m talking millions of seeds in the weed. Meanwhile blue dream was doing fine tasted fine -sweet northern lights white rhino kind of taste smell if you will. I started growing because it’s an income a job and I’d like to become a pro green thumb number one …….no mistakez just happy accidents growmieszz!!

  4. Bro i had my hand cut off in a machine at work and had 12 surgeries plus years of rehab! That's why me&my bro grow they had me hooked on oxy bleep that!! Keep it growing growmie!!🔥🔥🌲🌲

  5. 3 yrs that is amazing. So glad you are doing so much better at least it sounds like it. Thank you for all you do my friend. You are am inspiration thank you my friend God Bless you

  6. If you sold everypound for 1700 you’d have 900,000 in your pocket why give it all away you could be a millionaire

  7. I have to say bro, thank you for the positive vibes and coffee on this beautiful Saturday morning. Well, as I look out my window it is raining a bit, (maybe not as beautiful as I thought). I haven't woke up with a such a cool vibe like that in years. Thank you for sharing the your stories, a cup of coffee, your life, and the "Garden of Weedin" with us. I'm on my 3rd (outdoor) grow here in Washington State. Not anywhere at your level of caliber, but thanks again for posting, you have me striving for that higher level of grower that I always wanted to be.
    In the garden this year, we have the tasty Tangerine, G-13, Blue Dream, Chernobyl, White Widow, White Rhino, ATF, Satori, Udub, and few mystery plants. Should be an exciting grow. The only issue is mold, come November. ✌

  8. Growing in Spain thanks man best plants I've seen, I've grown from seeds saved over last 30 years so what comes up is pot luck but you have inspired me thank you

  9. Love your story man. Learning so much from you. 2nd yr. grower here in Cali. Last yr. well let's just say I have enough seeds for yrs to come. lol I have a huge yard to grow in. 14+ hrs of sunlight in places 12-13 in other places in the yard. Can't wait to see what this yr. brings.

  10. Im in an illegal state guerilla growing. Got started because my brother was diagnosed with liver cancer and was told hes dying. We are very poor and cant afford the outrageous prices of medz these days and he i am today still growing to ease people's pains and illnesses. Love what u do brother keep it up. I'll risk it all to save mine!!!

  11. Hey Kali I'm Alex I've been watching your videos and you have changed my life I'm so glad I found you I'm glad you made it thru your recovery and I can tell your a great human being Im growing 3 plants it's my first time and you inspired me to be like you I will learn from You and keep positive vibes man I live in cali in Inglewood and next year il be doing 65 gallon pots as well as I'm using only 20 gallon pots my first time I'm glad you have your channel and I wish you positive vibes and the best thanks Kali your the coolest man hopefully one day I can meet you .much love brother 😀👍🙌🤘✌🙏

  12. Hi I'm from Nova Scotia and with cooler weather by the eastcoast growing outside is a challenge but you're information on soil amendments really opened my eyes. Kudos to you love your updates.

  13. Cries in East Coast, living in the South. Just started watching your videos, and am happy to know that good folks like you are out in the world.

  14. G'day. Stumbled across your video and can 100% relate. I had an Drunk Driver hit me on my Harley and I lost my left leg plus all sorts of other problems like Phantom Pain, PTSD from serving my country and nerve pain as my whole left side of body was crushed and dragged. I've just now after 7 years of rehab and pushing myself that I can get around with just my 1 leg and researched the hell out of cannabis growing and have just bought a Full Grow tent kit and everything else I need to try and grow White Widow that I bought from ILGM in Holland so here's hoping I get a good yeild to start off as I have people asking me if I know how to get CBD oil and recreational smoke for them as the pain never stops etc and I'm in Australia so it's 100% illegal but I need to do this for me and help out others also. Look forward to hearing and seeing more video's mate in the near future.

  15. I'm injured with nectorizing fasciitis and that's skin eating bacteria and I was a grower myself but I couldn't move. I have had over 20 surgeries myself. I can't grow anymore because of my injuries and if you could help me in any way I would appreciate it. I can show you all my charts and now no doctors want to work on me because it's too difficult. Please help me if you can and if you can't I completely understand.

  16. I successfully knocked out the pain meds and my need for xanax…..growing adds alot to the stress relief too. theres just something about watching something that YOU grew.

  17. I also started growing due to a disability got while serving in iraq….its heartfelt to hear someone else's motivation for growing comes from the same place. thanks for the motivational words.

  18. Glad you felt comfortable sharing your story. I have an autoimmune disorder that really checked me and changed my life. You pushed through and you’re thriving!

  19. Dude love your story brother keep on keeping on.

    You said you learned a lot from YouTube videos and reading. Who would you recommend now that you’ve seen and read so much? Other than yourself lol

  20. I wanna do exactly what ur talking about!! I live in Philadelphia and well U know how that goes.. We officially legal as far as medicinal but they still acting like jerks as far as getting Ur mmj card and the price is ridiculous thats why I am trying to relocate and reach out to any one who is doing what I am dreaming on doing?!! I'm considered disabled.. i can walk but have a messed up foot and ankle so… If U know anyone who needs an assistance and is willing to open a door and willing to point me out or in need of an assistance I am def down… I'm 46 years old and I do get a disability check which I'm not proud of but it is what it is rite?! lol I really wanna get away from this city too Its known as a Dope city and I ain't talking about weed!! So yeah it would def. help me out!!!! Stay safe and stay blazed!!!

  21. Wow man. Thanks for sharing that. I've been watching and admiring your motivation and skills with growing and knew your channel was apart from all the others. Sometimes it takes a life altering event to find out who we really are and give back what we can because there is alot to be thankful for.
    I went through it when I went blind in my left eye and had to leave my career. Now glaucoma has my right eye and I'm doing what I can to save it before the lights go out. Even if it means moving to a legal state. Peace and you're an inspiration.

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