1. u guys say perpectual motion is impossible , but you are wrong .
    The earth is moving on its same motion for millions/billions of years in the same speed and same motion .

  2. You never know, someday someone will be able to create a machine that runs perpetually, "Imagination is more important that knowledge" as what Albert Einstein quoted.And maybe that "imagination" will bring some of us "insane" hhahahahhahahahahah lol.

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  4. Intuitively, these 'perpetual motion' machines don't seem to make any sense because you get an infinite supply of free energy – eventually you will use up all the energy in the universe if you try to power a 'perpetual motion' machine forever it would seem.

  5. Flat-Earthers, Chem Trail believers, and other conspiracy nuts: "This video is yet another attempt by greedy governments and oil corporations to stop technological progress and destroy hope in perpetual motion machines. When (not if) we finally achieve perpetual motion, those greedy corporations and governments will lose all their power and money. It's all about power and money, like always. So to keep it they ridicule, suppress, and will even kill anyone who invents a working perpetual motion machine. That's the only reason we don't already have it as an every-day thing like cars and smart phones."

  6. why should anything move … the most stable and energy efficient is .. being in rest . nature knows this . humans don't … because of ego that wants to experience trough its senses …

  7. BEFORE I watch the video, let me state this; NO, because of 1.- Gravity, 2.- The laws about how energy is regulated, 3.- ENTROPY! (friction) If such a thing as a "perpetual motion machine" was at ALL possible, the Universe would accelerate, faster and faster and faster, careening OUT OF CONTROL! Entropy and it's twin brother, Time, are the Universal regulators, that's why things happen in sequence and not all at once! Entropy and Time are NOT our bane, they're our friends!

  8. Technically there is one devise that uses perpetual motion and it is the metronome because it can start and never stop.

  9. to bet perpetual to work you have to break the conservation laws. in perpetual the definition is to break the conservation of energy law. think about this. the machines' definition is that the conversation laws are broken. the question is all about the conservation laws but in the human quality of believing in something because of hope and/or ego massaging.

  10. Yes. You can. There are two ways to make it.
    1-Direct way. You give X amount and you get out more than what you put in. Not a huge amount, but more than you put in. It is not a huge amount, but you get more and It is expensive. I have tried and I can prove it.
    2-Indirect way. It is very easy, a huge difference between what you put in and what you get out. It is very simple and very inexpensive. This is the answer to the energy problem. You can get out unlimited energy.
    Exp.Say We put 5 MW energy. We can create whatever you need, say 10 million MW or 5 Trillion MW energy.
    Just one source can provide enough energy for the whole world.I call this "Multiplying Energy ".
    E4aBW- Energy 4 a Better World. It is simple, clean, green, safe, unlimited and FREE ENERGY>
    E4aBW. We should bring Electricity and clean water to every house in the world. My question is.
    Are you going to support this energy ?. No oil,gas,nuke,sun,wind,water, coal,biofuel/gas.,etc…

  11. Well… if you could isolate this machine from outside, theoretically perpetual machine would be possible. But we wouldn't see it, touch it, or in any way affect it.
    Also, I read some interesting article that talked about beginning of this universe. It hypothesized that by adding all mass of this universe to a single point and as gravity affects that point, energy would build up. It would build up till enough energy is gathered for it to "explode" outwards. I don't know how realistic it is, but given that it is possible that total energy of universe is 0 and in closed systems amount of energy is unchanging, it could be that our universe is perpetual motion machine.

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