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  1. Weed us good to smoke ccasionally but the only worst thing about it give to much paranoid which is not good j have dicided that has been give me so much paranoid i have dicided to stop coz of the paranoid but acconally its oke to smoke but not everday smoke you want work you become lazy person

  2. I truly believe that after you smoke the things you feel and go through that are worrying you are in fact the things you need to improve. Your subconscious will let you know everything you need to know about your own well being. Pay attention! Fix your issues!

  3. Lmfao… you guys are cracking me up. Weed can randomly tune your consciousness into things happening in your body that is normally only within your subconscious. It can freak you out when it happens for the first time. Dont be alarmed. It's like when baby's become aware of different body parts for the first time. Total mind blow.

  4. My first time getting high and I stupidly hit too much and about 10 minutes later I was watching videos and the next I'm texting my friend in a panic and spent the next hour pacing in my bathroom and feeling my heart beat out of my chest. Total nightmare. I'm just coming down and chilling out now. Felt like a bad trip.

  5. Lately I always got paranoia on smoking marijuana or eating magic mushroom, didnt take much but it always goes like that.

  6. I thought that smoking weed is going to be so fun but it's totally different than alcohol because it's happening inside. Like on the outside I'm totally fine and no one gets it. It's like.. my heart starts beating really fast that I can't
    control it and I feel like I'm stuck
    It's very hard to explain but it's the worst feeling ever.

  7. The best weed high ever for me was when I skipped class and went to the park. It was empty, the sky was blue and sunny, and it wasn’t too hot with a slight breeze. I sat in the baseball bleachers, laid back smoking half a joint while listening to some music. I felt so at peace and my body almost felt like it was gently spinning, almost like a calm amusement park ride!

  8. Weed literally slows down my perception of time and makes me hyper-conscious of my sense of touch. I get the worse paranoia and it lasts for like two or three days a lot of the time.

  9. When I first started smoking I had so much fun, was laughing at anything, but later on I would just space out and right now I smoke once or twice per year, because each time I get paranoid and my mind is overwhelmed by bad thoughts that I can't control. The only way I could smoke is if before I've gotten drunk, but last time I tried, even when I was sloppy drunk, I still got a bit paranoid so I think I should just stop smoking altogether.

  10. I smoked for 2 years but I became paranoid everytime i smoked marijuana quite frequently out of nowhere. So I quit.

  11. I usually get paranoid sometimes but I usually combat this by watching a stand-up comedy weird I know but it helps but I've been smoking CBD flower which to me is alot better in my opinion for me that is because regular weed just doesn't mix well with my body

  12. Weed often makes me so incredibly negative. I am forced to take breaks from it after years of smoking just because I'm going to feel so horrible about many aspects of myself and my life. Sober me is full of ego, but high me has no ego at all. And that is scary ..

  13. It's all in your mindset and surroundings. I smoke with close friends or family or by myself. Soon as i feel it, i just go with the flow, turn some music on and start dancing.😎👽

  14. everytime I get high I am just ready to lie down and die. cant have it. i can smoke 5 cigs in a day, can a full tower of beer by myself, but i cant handle weed

  15. Oh anther pro tip from a 2 decade daily smoker of cannabis is to just think "ok I feel it coming on its just a nuerodrenal dump it'll pass in 15min" or less and usually in 5min u feel better. &if not take a benzo small doses! N ya should feel much better or at laser sleep it off

  16. Geese ppl freak out on weed weak minded. But just go lay down n try calming music n take a nap it'll be divine especially if ya let go n don't fight the high it's not like it'll be possible to make it stop lmao but the ticket take the ride hst

  17. It depends on who you are around and the situation, if you are around dogey people you will most probably be paranoid. If they are chilled and tidy people you feel happier

  18. Alot has to do with the strain. I only had 2 times where i felt really good off weed, the rest were bad weed just too much sometimes. Yep

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