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  2. 0*infinity is 0, because an infinite amount of 0 multiplied can't ever reach 1, and definitely not infinite.

    Any other number between 0 and infinity is impossible to reach by multiplying by zero, so a number that isn't zero can't be reached by multiplying with zero. You can think of this like 1 from zero's perspective is infinite. Infinity from 1's perspective is infinity.

    This is how I've understood this concept

  3. Imagine that you have zero cookies, and you split them evenly between zero friends, see? It doesn’t make sense, in the cookie monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends

  4. 10÷0=0 because you have 10 aples and ten divoded by 0 baskets because you cant put 10 aples in baskets because you not have were to put

  5. 10÷0= ?

    Logicly,something(10 in this case),divided by nothing(0)is still 10..Nothing is dividing the number..Wtf?
    This is the logical answer.. i guess..

  6. Don't y'all understand!??!
    Anything divided by 0 is infinity. That's true.
    THIS IS JUST A MATHEMATICAL ILLUSION. Answer is infinity because it says that it's still searching for a number which is the largest. And such a number doesn't exist. Therefore, it's an illusion.
    So, the universe is a creation of natural math. And the equation is,
    0 ÷ 0 = infinity(universe)
    Hence, the universe is also an ILLUSION.

  7. If u convert it to word problem it makes more sense, ex: You have 10 apples and u want to give 2 apple per person how many people are u sharing with? Answer is 5. Now instead of 2 apple per person, we say 0 apple per person, you would be sharing with no one because you are not interested in sharing. If you have 0 apples and would still want to share 2 apple per person it's still 0 because u want to share but you dont have apples

  8. √-1=i opening up a new mathematical world with wonder. So, one equals two. So infinity is NOT a number. Division by zero tends towards infinity.

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